Wednesday, June 16, 2010

TAST Weeks 15 and 16

Here are weeks 15 and 16 of the TAST 2 challenge run by Sharob B over on Pintangle.
I completely forgot last week to do the stitch which was Ladder Stitch.
The first one is my sample sampler which I had to stop doing because the stitches were getting narrower as I went down-so I started again.
I don't think the second one is much better.

This is my official sample and I was concentrating so much on getting the width even that I didn't realise that I was moving over to the left.
I didn't notice it until I was putting the photo up here.
Oh well they can't all be perfect can they :-(

Week 16 is Italian Knotted Border Stitch which is a fly stitch with a French Knot on the bottom.
My sample sampler.
Again the stitching isn't flash but----

And the official sampler.
The first five are how they are meant to look--in the next five the right hand side leg is straight down instead of being on an angle and in the last five the straight leg swap from the left to the right side on alternate stitches.

I like doing Fly stitch and I love doing French Knots but this stitch didn't really appeal to me--maybe it was the thread that I was using.
Normally I use Perle cotton on all my samples but on both the Italian Knotted Border stitch ones I used variegated floss thread and it just isn't the same somehow.
I am now going to have to find something else to do my practise samples on because the piece of fabric that I have been using with the squares on it is all full up.


maggi said...

Good to see your samples. I really must catch up.

Heather said...

You'll have stitches for all occasions Doreen. I like working with perle too, it always 'sits' nicely on the fabric.

Raphaela said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Aussie Jo said...

Good experimentation with the stitches Doreen.
I have sometimes picked up good linen placemats or serviettes at the op shop.

neki desu said...

it didn't work for me. i really like fly stitch , but the knots didn't stand out as they should have.

Sandy said...

This stitching is fun, isn't it? Thanks for commenting on my blog.