Monday, June 7, 2010

May Fibre Fever Page Received

Today I received my May Fibre Fever page from Marja Visser and she has included a lot of things relating to Holland in it.
My theme this year is "Your Country -where you live".
I chose this as my theme because of the many different countries where the people in this group live.
Marja lives in Holland and her page has in the centre a paper pieced block depicting a windmill and the red white and blue are the national colours of her country.
On the bottom corners of the centre piece are two metal cow charms and along the top of it are pieces of wool fleece that represent clouds because Marja said that she always grumbles about the weather.
The floral fabric that is surrounding the windmill is a piece of old Dutch fabric.
This is a wonderful page Marja thank you very much.

If you missed the page that I did for May you can go here to see it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think you picked a perfect theme because it's going to be fun to see what comes from the different countries. You can tell immediately where this one is from (esp. like the cows!).

maggi said...

A lovely page, so very Dutch.

Dot said...

This is gorgeous!

Janet said...

What a cool page! And your theme is a good choice. If we can't visit every country we can at least look at all your pages and learn a little about some of them.