Thursday, June 30, 2011

It is Finished

I have finally finished the scarf that I started several months ago and I think it looks rather nice.
It only took me a couple of hours to complete it--probably 4 hours from start to finish and I didn't use one complete ball either.
Now the big test is will it be warm or not.

My only complaint is that it was so awkward to knit that I won't be rushing off to make another one in a hurry.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gifts from Gina

Recently when I was in Melbourne I met up with Gina(see post below) and she gave me this lovely gift.
It is a mug rug...."A mug rug" I hear you ask "what's a mug rug"
Well a mug rug is a placemat for you to put your mug of coffee on and there is also room for a couple of biscuits as well.
I tried to scan it sideways but the scanner wasn't playing ball.
What a neat gift.

Then this week I received this ATC from her as well.."gingham and cherries" it is called.

Thanks Gina.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Melbourne photos

Here are some photos of Ebony taken on the last day of our trip.
The first one is on the plane waiting for our take off--she looks a bit tired --in fact we both look a bit tired.

This one was taken while we were waiting for the traffic lights to change.
In the background is the Flinders Street Station which is the central point for the trains in the city.
By this stage she was sick of me taking photos of her but I wanted her to have a record of her first trip to Melbourne.

This was in the Lego exhibition--it was so clever what they were able to do with these tiny blocks.

Here is a dinosaur built from Lego blocks--brilliant.

When we got back Ebony decided that she wanted me to teach her to knit again and I think she has got it this time.

Here is the photo of Gina (my blogging friend)and myself taken in our apartment.

We didn't have anyone else there at the time to take the photo so we set up my camera on the timer and took
it--so I am sorry about the flash off our glasses it couldn't be helped.

What a lovely lady Gina is and it is amazing how well we bloggers get on together when we meet for the first time--there definitely is a great friendship that is created from blogging.

Now back to stitching--I have an order for my silk ribbon button brooches that must be done by Thursday so I must get into it.

I'm Back

Well I have been back since Friday but I have been trying to get things sorted out and get all the washing and ironing done.
Had a great time in Melbourne--met up with some friends,one being Gina a blogging mate and I will show you a pic when I get them all sorted out.
Ebony had a wonderful time and she loved her first trip on a plane--well when we finally got up in the air that is.
I am not sure how many of you are aware of it but we have had problems with the ash from the Chile volcano eruption.
We weren't affected in Canberra-that wasn't the problem but the problem was in Melbourne.
We were supposed to fly out of Canberra at 10.05am,so our daughter dropped us off at the airport at 9am and went home, only for us to discover that our flight had been cancelled and we were rescheduled to fly out at 5pm.
So they booked our luggage in and we decided to go back home--in a taxi--$55 later.
Then we decided that we would take our car when we went back to the airport and leave it in the longstay car park.
On arrival we discovered that the flight was now delayed until 6.30pm.....grrrr.
Now I can hear you asking why didn't we phone up and find out if the plane was still going to be on time--well I did try to do that but there was a permant delay on the phone due to the fact that everyone else was trying to do the same thing.
6.30pm came and went and we finally got off the ground at 7.30pm.
We arrived in Melbourne at 8.15pm and were booked into our apartment by 9pm.
That was one day lost from our holiday...grrrr
On Friday we had to be out of our apartment by 10am but we left our luggage there and headed out to see the Lego exhibition which was magnificent.
We left there at 11.30 and Stephen decided that he couldn't be bothered tramping around so we went back and got our luggage and headed off to the airport arriving there about 12.30pm.
The only problem was our plane didn't leave until 3.30pm....more waiting ....grrrr.
Another half a day wasted...... grrrr.
I'm glad that I am home but I don't want to see another airport for a long time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Foiled Again

A few more pieces of hand dyed laces that I have foiled as part of the Gilding the Lily workshop run by the Thread Studio.
The first one is a bridal fabric (Guipure lace flowers) --it is hard to see exactly how wonderful they look because foiling doesn't scan or photograph very well.Add Image

Again another piece of bridal lace that was hand dyed and it is foiled with the pewter coloured foil.

Lastly this is part of an old collar that was hand dyed and foiled with the same pewter colour.

I won't be posting for a week as we are off to Melbourne for a small holiday and taking Ebony with us.

The weather has been cold here lately and it is nearly as bad in Melbourne.

I noticed that their minimum overnight temperature one night this week was 8 degrees Celsius ---lucky them --our highest temperature one day this week was 8 degrees Celcius.

Oh well I'll just chuck another jumper in the suitcase.

See you when I get back.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Second Time Around

Last year I signed up for the Gilding the Lily workshop with Dale at the Thread Studio but somehow I never did get started on it so I have decided to join in again this year.
First up we are using foil and I have been foiling everything in sight.
First up is a croched doiley that I dyed last year when we were dying fabrics for the exhibition.
I like the way that the gold foil has stuck to some of the raised sections adding hilites to the piece.

This piece of fabric is from a blouse and was tossed into the dyepot at the same time.
I only foiled two of the leaves and I rather like the effect.

Here we have a piece of Panne Velvet that I placed a stencil on top of and sprinkled Audrey's Bonding powder over it-then removed the stencil.

Next I placed the foil over it and ironed it.

I think that I will stitch around the edges at a later stage.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Solved

I have received an e-mail from MA saying how to fix the Blogger comment problem and I thought I would pass it on if anyone else is having this problem.
She has seen it on someone else's blog but I had discovered it myself somehow and I had forgotten to let you know.
Thanks for reminding me MA.
This is how it is solved.
"When you sign in to your
google account, uncheck the
stay signed in button


Monday, June 6, 2011


I am having trouble leaving comments on blogs that have a word verification attached.
I seem to be able to leave comments on ones that don't ask for verification but on ones that do ask I have to type in the word and when I enter it I keep getting taken back to the sign into my account section.
So I resign in and a new word verification pops up and my message now says the "Anonamous" said--blah blah etc.
I don't know where to look to rectify this problem--can anyone help me-pleeasse?
I think Big Bad Blogger is taking his problems out on us and I wish he would get over whatever it is that has upset him.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Get thee behind me Satan !!!

Well after I spent 2 weeks sorting my workroom out and taking stuff to the Guild for the recycle table what did I do?
Yep you got it right I went and ordered more stuff from Dale at The Thread Studio.
How can I resist when she keeps buying in all the things that I just can't live without :#)).
First up were these cards of felt rope --the colours are so beautiful and I only purchase 7 of them but there are a lot more colours.
Oh and I did buy 7 --there is a lovely green one but it decided to drop onto the floor and I didn't realise until I had posted the photo here.
I can see many projects coming from these.

Next there are these lovely hand made buttons --so beautiful.

And lastly Dales latest little book--this time about what you can do with the fabulous Sari silk ribbons that she sells.

I have several bundles of the Sari silks and I could only think of a few things to make with them-but now I have plenty of ideas after reading what Dale has created.

Sorry about the flash on the book but you can get a good idea as to what the book looks like.