Sunday, June 10, 2012

The After Photo

What a great day we had yesterday.
This is the only photo I have at present which was taken as we were about to leave for the church.
  We all went down in our daughters car and she had tied white ribbons on the front of it and she also bought us flowers -corsages for us three girls and buttonholes for the two boys.

There were only the five of us plus a friend who was taking some photos for us and the minister who was doing the service.
We also had a small communion service which was so special to us.
The minister had also made us each a booklet with the order of the service and communion in it and she also made us a Renewal of Marriage certificate.
I have never seen our children so happy to be part of anything that Stephen and I have ever done before.
Then today at church we were presented with a beautiful cake at morning tea.
Life is good and we are so blessed.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Where did those years go?

On Saturday Stephen and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary.
We can't believe it--50 years together---and did we really look that young.
We are going to celebrate this wonderful milestone in our lives by renewing our wedding vows in a small ceremony at our church where we attend.
Two of our three children will be with us and Ebony will be there as well.
Three months ago I had to get my wedding ring cut off my finger because it was cutting off the circulation and we have had it fixed--well actually it has been re-made because the jeweller had problems trying to join in the new gold.
So what he did was melted the gold down and made me a new ring.-it was rose gold and white gold and I also gave him a small cygnet ring that I had when I was about 8 years old and this has been added as well.
I now have-or I should say I will have a new shiny wedding ring on my finger because I can't wear it until after the ceremony as it will be blessed again.
We will have some photos taken so I will show you one after the event--then you can see the before and afters.

I must remember to take a box of tissues with me --I will probably need them.