Friday, August 31, 2007

More Cards I have made

I have been out to my favourite shop (Wrapped In Paper) again.............
The first card is my entry in the Monthly card challenge..we purchase a kit which has all the bits and pieces in it ..card stock- fancy papers- ribbons- brads and embellishments..and the idea is to produce a card using these things.
It is amazing to see how many different designs that are achieved from the same kit.

On Wednesday they had a "Make and Take" night .....
These are lots of fun and you all get to make a simple card ...this months cards were for Father's Day(This weekend in Oz) ..everyone made the same card with a few slight changes if you were so inclined.

We also made a small tag in the same colours as an added bonus.
The whole process took about an hour...and there were about 25 people there participating.
As I am a member of the W.I.P. club these Make and Take nights are free so I can't complain about that can I.
I love making cards ..I find it very relaxing and rewarding as well because in about 15 minutes you have something that is finished and hopefully it will be admired by the recipient as well.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cards Received and sent

I received this Postcard from Maureen today and it came half naked (because it was inside a cello bag).
The reason I am mentioning this is because when I took the card out of the bag the stamp was as new--the franking was on the cello bag--good trick Maureen I will use the stamp to send something else back to you one day maybe in a cello bag and we will try to see how many times we can get it through the post.
This is the card that I sent to Maureen. Both postcards are needlefelted.

I received this ATC from Britt in Perth.I love the tiny pieces of lace that she has made and put on the ATC -so special.
Silly me I forgot to take a photo of the ATC that I sent to Britt.

Thanks ladies I am chuffed with the swap.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Artist Muse Challenge 5

Normally I do the fabric challenge for the Artists Muse group and this month I did do a fabric one but I think the pixies came to my house to play.
I made the piece of fabric and then I had to clean up and put all the "stuff" away and several days later when I was going to make a Padfolio with the fabric--it was nowhere to be seen,
I have searched the room high and low --zilch--I know it's in there somewhere- but where only the Pixies know.
I suspect it is caught up with something else.
So I decided to do something different and got out an A4 sized canvas and proceeded to paint it as per the book --except that in the book they used watercolours on watercolour paper and I used watered down Acrylics on canvas.
I must admit I felt a bit like Jackson Pollock but on a much smaller scale.
First I had to mask off some areas and then I had to "splosh the paint onto the canvas"--Not hard-- I could handle that.
When it was dry I removed the masks and then I used a foam floral stamp and some black acrylic paint to further enhance it.All in all I rather like how it turned out.
Probably tomorrow I will more than likely find the fabric and I will make the Padfolio and show you.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sharonb has moved

I was reading Sharon's blog this morning and she has informed us that due to problems with spam etc she has moved her blog to a different site.
You can reach her here now so please update your links so that you can continue to stay in contact with her.
Thanks Sharon for all the work that you do for us.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

TAST Week 34

Week 34 is Portuguese Stem stitch--a stitch that I had heard of-- but had never tried before.
I decided to do my sample using different threads in varying thickness and type of fiber.
The fabric is wool and the threads are --on the right-from the bottom to the top--
Perle 5 cotton----Silk by Colourstreams ----DMC Soft Cotton----DMC Tapestry wool and Watercolours by Caron.
The threads all have a different look but I must admit I did like the look and feel of the soft cotton and it was easy to work with.
All the rows on the left hand side are worked in soft cotton.
I like the texture that this stitch gives and I found it simple to work and I'm sorry about the slanting rows but it was 2.30 am when I did them as I was having a bad night and couldn't sleep and what does one do under those circumstances--yes that's right you stitch.
This was another enjoyable stitch to do.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Workshop

On Sunday I spent a very enjoyable day at my favourite shop doing an all day workshop.
We made 3 great items --all will make good gifts for Christmas.
Everything was provided to make all three items -we only had to take the usual things like -double sided tape and ink pads -rulers etc.
The other thing that they provided was morning and afternoon tea (home made slices and cakes- yummy) and lunch (fantastic sandwiches) plus gifts.
We made a calendar for things like birthdays -Anniversaries and all the other important dates (not your every day things like Dr. appts etc).
The 2 monthly tags on the front are swapped each month.

The back has a pocket to hold the monthly tags that you are not using and it has a grosgrain ribbon to hang from.
All the papers - eyelets-brads- ribbons etc were in the kit plus the board that we had to attach every thing to.

We also made a memo book-again every thing was in the kit--the book was not bound in the beginning--we did that after we had finished all the other "stuff".

The inside has a pencil and a note pad attached.

Lastly we made this circle card--I changed my card from the instructions--(Yes I'm a rebel)---No seriouslyI just wanted to be different.
I'm not a circle card person but it is always interesting to try new things.

Lastly --today I received 2 ATC's from Marie--we had exchanged 2 cards each.
When we were exchanging addresses we discovered that we lived about 15 minutes away from each other (how cool is that).
Both ATC's are needlefelted and I love them.

All in all I have had a couple of good days.

TAST Week 33 Scroll Stitch

Week 33 and the stitch is Scroll Stitch --
I have heard of this stitch before but I don't think I have ever used it in any of my work.
I found it an easy stitch to do but with my sore thumbs I found it painful--
I experimented with size--colour and movement - but there is no real design just a lot of stitches.
This is not one of my better samples but at least I tried.
Lets see what tomorrow brings for week 34

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My First Padfolio

I have been wanting to make one of these Padfolios for a while now and I have finally done it.
I first saw one on Sue B's blog and you can now get the pattern free from the Fibre and Stitch web site (just click on the logo below)

I made it from fabric that I created on my Embellisher (another first) and the wool was purchased from the Thread Studio. I did some hand stitching in running stitch to add some extra texture and I used a variegated thread in the same colours as the wool.

I used a 100% cotton homespun for the lining.

I enjoyed making this in the end and don't know why I felt uneasy about attempting it before.
I think I will make some more for gifts now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Goodies

Yesterday the PO Box was full again with wonderful gifts and swaps.
The first ATC was from Anne in France who doesn't have a blog -but she has made the most beautiful ATC in cross stitch.
Because I am doing the weekly TAST Challenge I really do appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this card.
Thank You Anne.

This postcard is from Val-I had admired it on her blog and I am not dissapointed with it Val I think it is wonderful--so much texture.

Joanna had purchased a bargain of white gauze (scrim -muslin- depending on where you come from) .She had a roll of it and I asked to swap her 2 metres for some of my "stuff"---well I received 6 metres instead . Thanks Joanna

I had commented on Helen's blog about her "texture box" that she had posted about --and she has forwarded me some of her samples--
There is some Harris tweed swatches--Yummy
Some samples of felt made by both wet and embellisher methods.
A piece of hand dyed fabric and some of her textured machine embroidery pieces.
Thank you Helen - I will enjoy using these wonderful pieces.

Lastly--I was given these lace making bobbins ------

That included this little treasure--which has the complete version of the Lord's Prayer burned into it.
It's a good thing that I know the Lord's Prayer because the writing is so small and when I magnified it large enough to be able to read it the words became distorted.
It's the old version of the Lords Prayer --I say that because "they" (whoever" they" are) keep changing the way the words are written(in Australia anyway).
I find myself sometimes when I am in Church reverting back to the old words--can't help it.
If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cards Received

Last week I received from Anna this fantastic postcard which is made from torn up strips of old denim jeans.
Anna has also machine embroidered words between the frayed edges.
Very clever Anna

This week I received an ATC from Alison who is is new to making ATC's -- in fact I am the first person she has swapped with and I have the first one she has ever made --how lucky is that.

Alison hand embroiders all her ATC's and they are just devine.
If you would like to swap with her- drop over and leave a comment and have a look at what she has been doing.

Thanks to both ladies for these treasures.
I will show the cards that I sent them after I know that they have arrived.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nice Matters Award

Susan d nominated me for the nice matters award earlier in the week and it has taken me a few days to figure out how to get this logo on to my page (with the help of Susan) The Nice Matters Award is a new friendship award started by Bella Enchanted. This award is for the bloggers who you feel are nice people, good friends, who inspire good feelings and encourage us.
I have to pass it on to 7 others who I feel deserve this award.
How do I choose 7 people from all my special blogger friends besides all the people that I would have chosen have already been nominated--so in saying that I will just cop out and say-if you want to participate in this award please feel free to do so.
Thank you Susan for thinking of me.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

TAST Week 32 Crested Chain Stitch

This week we have been doing Crested Chain Stitch which again is a stitch that I was not familiar with.
I have not attempted to do my sample until today because of my sore thumb and I have been trying not to use it a lot which is very hard when you need your thumb to grip hold of everything.
Anyway- today I went to the Craft show and I had to be on duty at the Embroiderers Guild Stand.
Every year we have a stand to show the patrons just what happens at our guild and to encourage the public to come and see all the wonderful "stuff" that our members do.
I decided to do my sample whilst I was on duty but first I went and found a stall that sold the Handeze Therapeutic gloves- and I am so glad that I did because I was able to stitch without much pain.
I found this stitch very enjoyable to do but I really don't know where I would use it to it's best advantage.
I have used a linen fabric again and variegated Perle 8 cotton.

I didn't try to create a fancy pattern with curves etc. I just let the stitch grow and I used several different colourways of the thread.
Another week finished --can't wait to see what next Tuesday brings.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Challenge completed (almost)

Get yourself a cup of coffee 'cos this is a long one.
Back on July 21st I showed a piece of fabric that I made for the Artist Muse challenge and said that I would also use it for a challenge at the Embroiderers Guild with the Machine Embroidery group.
Here are the pieces that I received(inc. mine) and the challenge was to make something from them.
We were allowed to add 2 other fabrics to complete the task.

I decided to use black as one fabric because nothing else seemed to be able to blend them all together.
I joined them together with black strips--

Then I added more strips of black between the 3 strips I had made---

I then cut the piece into 4 sections vertically---

Re-arranged them---

Joined them together again---

But I had 2 pieces that I hadn't included it the strip piecing because they didn't seem to want to go anywhere.
I had thought of putting them in the backing piece of fabric but that wouldn't have been very nice to the people who had contributed them.

I discovered in my "stash of stuff" a roll of quarter inch black bias tape that I had used when I made a stained glass wall quilt --so I used that to add the "odd" fabrics to my little quilts.
Here are the "almost" finished quilts-I say almost because I only have to do the hand stitching around the binding--and I will leave that until my thumb gets better.
I have made them so that the stitching goes horizontal on one and vertical on the other.
Both quilts has a piece of all of the 11 fabrics in them.
They measure approx. 34cm square.
The fabric I used for the binding is one that I had hand dyed about 7 years ago and the muted colours seemed to combine well with all the other colours.
Ah-hah I just had a thought-- that the binding fabric could well fit into the challenge that Carol set us on the 3rd of July-- to use something we had in our "stash" for a long time.

This is a close up of the stitching and how I added the "odd" fabrics

Another challenge to mark off the list.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mixed Media

I have been playing a bit lately with mixed media stuff and a friend and I had a play day where we made a picture using gesso-tissue paper- laces- sparkly bits a picture and webbing spray.
I made this fairy picture for Ebony and I'm quite pleased with it and so is Ebony which is what really matters in the end. I started with an artists board and created texture with the crumpled up tissue paper and laces. I then painted it over with black background paint -added some irridescent paints to hilite in places -next came the webbing spray-then the fairy-some "goldfinger" was rubbed on to hilite the ridges that had formed then the word was added and finally a couple of coats of matt sealer and "bingo "---all finished.
I haven't been doing a lot of hand stitching this week as I have a slight case of tendonitis in the thumb of my right hand which makes it very hard to hold anything.
You don't realise how much you need your thumbs until you can't use them properly.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

TAST Week 31 Cast on Stitch

Cast on Stitch is the stitch for this week.
I have done this stitch before- a long time ago- but I don't do it very often - the reason for this is even though I like it my hands don't or should I say my fingers don't.
It is great to use variegated thread for this stitch as it gives great colour variations to the "flower" or whatever it is that you are doing with it. The pink/mauve flower is a silk thread as is the pale green - the yellow flower and the one in the top right hand corner are cotton stitched on a Linen fabric.
I'm all up to date again thank goodness.

TAST Week 30 Buttonhole wheel Stitch

Week 30 is Buttonhole Wheel Stitch and what a great stitch to do- it flows so freely while you are doing it and just seems to grow very quickly.
I again used the Valdani variegated threads on a Linen fabric-I hope I never have to name all the Linens that I have used in my samples because I haven't got a clue what half of them are- all I know is that they are Linens.

I think these look like a bunch of Nasturtiums