Saturday, August 11, 2007

TAST Week 32 Crested Chain Stitch

This week we have been doing Crested Chain Stitch which again is a stitch that I was not familiar with.
I have not attempted to do my sample until today because of my sore thumb and I have been trying not to use it a lot which is very hard when you need your thumb to grip hold of everything.
Anyway- today I went to the Craft show and I had to be on duty at the Embroiderers Guild Stand.
Every year we have a stand to show the patrons just what happens at our guild and to encourage the public to come and see all the wonderful "stuff" that our members do.
I decided to do my sample whilst I was on duty but first I went and found a stall that sold the Handeze Therapeutic gloves- and I am so glad that I did because I was able to stitch without much pain.
I found this stitch very enjoyable to do but I really don't know where I would use it to it's best advantage.
I have used a linen fabric again and variegated Perle 8 cotton.

I didn't try to create a fancy pattern with curves etc. I just let the stitch grow and I used several different colourways of the thread.
Another week finished --can't wait to see what next Tuesday brings.


Dianne said...

You are such a "good girl" doing all your TAST samples so promptly and so well!!!

Julie H said...

ditto! I so admire you for sticking to this and learning so many beautiful stitches.