Saturday, February 23, 2013

Catching up

Almost a month has slipped by and I fanally have something to show.
It's not finished and heaven only knows when it will be but it is finally a piece of work with stitching on it.
Early in January I went to Melbourne for a few days with my daughter and I purchased several pieces of hand made felt-each were 25cm square.
I wanted to make some needle cases-so I had to cut them  in half but then I had three sides that were very organic shapes and one side that was straight.
I decided to spray the straight edge with warm water and added a few drops of dishwashing liquid and then proceeded to rub the edge between my hands--bingo I had the fourth edge felted just like the other three.
The first two photos show the qsuare cut in half and you can see the piece on the left has a straight edge and the other has the new felted edge

I have to finish the needlecase by putting the Doctor Flannel inside for the needles to slip into and also add the ties to close it (whatever that will be)
I also had a few covered buttons that I received (2 years ago) from my friend Kate who owns Buttonmania in Melbourne..
They were ones that were faulty and could not be used by her so she gave them to me.
I have been looking at them for ages and I finally decided to make them into a brooch.

This is the back of the buttons and as you can see there are no attachment bits which rendered them useless.

What I intend to do is attach the little red button onto the large button--but I will add some small green running stitches before that to look like the stem of the flower.

Don't hold your breath waiting to see these items finished as at the rate I have been performing lately it could be Christmas time before they are done.