Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I've done it again

For the second year in a row I have forgotten the anniversary of my first blog post.
It all began on January the 5th 2007. and I was terrified.
I only knew how to send and receive e-mails and I would read blogs and other stuff.
I didn't know much about computers-Ebony had to teach me how to cut and paste when she was only seven and she is still teaching me stuff even now.
I only started a blog because I wanted to be part of Sharon Boggan's "Take a Stitch Tuesday" challenge and like the song says "From little things big things grow" and it sure did.
In the beginning I would be posting about all the creative things I was making and there were lots of different things being produced,but I have been very naughty of late and I just can't seem to get started on anything.
I am going to try and slow down on a lot of the voluntary work that I do so that I can get back into stitching etc.
I  love the volunteer work that I do, but I really need some "me" time--time to stitch and create--time to stretch my wings again and see if I can still fly--so to speak.
Stephen and I have been going to the movies (once a fortnight) this year and have seen the movie "Quartet" which we both enjoyed and I loved Maggi Smith and Billy Connolly.
Next was "Gangster Squad"--good but a lot of load noise with guns etc.
Today we are off to see "The Guilt Trip" with Seth Rogen and Barbara Striesand.
We are slowly working down the list.
When we were on the cruise before Christmas we saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and we absolutely loved it.
Enough of this rambling on--I'm off to hang out some washing.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Storms in Canberra

Last night (Saturday 26th) we had the biggest storm that I can ever remember since we have lived here in the ACT
I had gone to pick up Ebony at around 5.30pm and as we were driving home we were confronted by a fierce electrical storm with lightning zapping down in forks all over the sky and then the rain started as well as the wind.
It was very scary to be out in it.
The rain was falling in sheets straight down-Ebony and I sat in the car under the carport for ages but eventually we had to make a run for it and ended up looking like two drowned rats.
There has been a lot of damage with trees being uprooted or split in half.
The creek near our place was flooded in a very short time.
When I went to Church this morning we discovered a lot of damage when the drain pipes and gutters couldn't cope with all the water causing it to overflow into the ceilings causing them to collapse and flood the carpets.
Our Op-Shop which is in part of the building also leaked causing damage to several racks of clothes.
We lost the power at about 6.30pm (hadn't had our dinner) but managed to rake up a good salad and we were able to find some candles which gave us some light as it got darker.
At around 11pm we heard the refridgerator click back on and we found everything that was connected to the powerpoints was working (fridge-freezer-oven-microwave-bedside lamps-TV) but we didn't have any lights.
We went to bed by torch light and I got up at around 4am to go to the loo (still in darkness.)
There I was sitting on the loo minding my own business when suddenly all the light came on---it scared the living daylights out of me.
Anyway we are all back to square one now but the weather gods tell us we are in for another one tonight.
I have enclosed a photo that was on the Canberra Times and the ABC websites which shows the rain dropping straight down from the clouds.
I think this was taken as the storm approached because as it hit the suburbs it became very dark.
You will notice the dry grass in the foreground caused by the lack of water.

Parts of Australia are experiencing bush fires-other parts are having cyclones and floods.
But it is still a great country to live in.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm still alive--just.

As most of you are aware we in Australia are having the summer from hell.
The eastern side of Australia is under seige from bushfires but we in Canberra are not in any danger so far.
It is hard to believe how much of our countryside has been ravaged by this fury that has taken over and the devestation that it has left behind.
In Tasmania (my home state where I was born) towns have been destroyed and my heart aches for them.
We in Canberra woke up this morning to the smell of bushfires and smoke haze all over the place and I think we will be smelling it for a while yet.
ALTHOUGH ---we are having some light rain tonight which has cooled thing down a lot-we are now only 14 degrees Celsius)
We have had continual temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius up as high as 38 (almost 100 F) and the overnight temperature one night was 23 degrees Celsius.
How is one supposed to sleep in that heat.
We do manage because we have an airconditioner in the lounge room(on during the day) and ceiling fans in each bedroom(for the night time) but is is still hot.
But the people whom I really feel sorry for are the ones who live in Birdsville which is in outback Queensland---today they reached 49 degrees Celsius (120 F).
The manager of the Birdsville Hotel said it was 50 degrees under her verandar today- now that's what I call hot.
I read somewhere tonight that there were only 120 people who live in Birdville.
I reckon they deserve a medal.
The town is famous for the "Birdsville Races"---"The Birdsville Hotel"--and "The Birdsville Track"--
If you click on the link it will take you to the races site--then click on the gallery and you will see something that is unbelieveable---no tuxedoes and top hats for these folks.
OK so that is all I have to tell you because I have not done any stitching--well it really is hard to stitch when you are stretched out on your back on the bed with the cieling fan circling above you trying to stay cool.
I'll be back soon--sometime-hopefully.
Hmm-- I was going to digitally sign my name as I usually do but Blogger has decided not to let me so I will just type it in--I'll show him he can't mess with me.