Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm still alive--just.

As most of you are aware we in Australia are having the summer from hell.
The eastern side of Australia is under seige from bushfires but we in Canberra are not in any danger so far.
It is hard to believe how much of our countryside has been ravaged by this fury that has taken over and the devestation that it has left behind.
In Tasmania (my home state where I was born) towns have been destroyed and my heart aches for them.
We in Canberra woke up this morning to the smell of bushfires and smoke haze all over the place and I think we will be smelling it for a while yet.
ALTHOUGH ---we are having some light rain tonight which has cooled thing down a lot-we are now only 14 degrees Celsius)
We have had continual temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius up as high as 38 (almost 100 F) and the overnight temperature one night was 23 degrees Celsius.
How is one supposed to sleep in that heat.
We do manage because we have an airconditioner in the lounge room(on during the day) and ceiling fans in each bedroom(for the night time) but is is still hot.
But the people whom I really feel sorry for are the ones who live in Birdsville which is in outback Queensland---today they reached 49 degrees Celsius (120 F).
The manager of the Birdsville Hotel said it was 50 degrees under her verandar today- now that's what I call hot.
I read somewhere tonight that there were only 120 people who live in Birdville.
I reckon they deserve a medal.
The town is famous for the "Birdsville Races"---"The Birdsville Hotel"--and "The Birdsville Track"--
If you click on the link it will take you to the races site--then click on the gallery and you will see something that is unbelieveable---no tuxedoes and top hats for these folks.
OK so that is all I have to tell you because I have not done any stitching--well it really is hard to stitch when you are stretched out on your back on the bed with the cieling fan circling above you trying to stay cool.
I'll be back soon--sometime-hopefully.
Hmm-- I was going to digitally sign my name as I usually do but Blogger has decided not to let me so I will just type it in--I'll show him he can't mess with me.


Monica said...

The cooler weather this evening is certainly welcome, Doreen. The heat over the last week has not been ideal for stitching - or anything else much for that matter.

Janet said...

I've been seeing the fires on our news. It looks terrible. And I'm sure that it's much worse even than that.

The heat - you know I can sympathize with you over that! I will hope for some cooler weather for you and some rain for the fire areas.

Stay cool and safe.

Heather said...

I am useless in very hot weather, not that we get much of that in the UK! As long as it isn't humid as well I can just about function. Do hope you are all in for some cooler weather soon. Those fires are terrible and must be horrifying to experience. Keep safe.

Suztats said...

Sure hope things cool down for you soon! Take care.

Jen xo said...

what a blessing the cool change is but so windy down here still... the bushfires have been horrendous but at least no one has died..... stay cool Doreen :)

Penny said...

It has been terrible weather and I was so pleased that we seemed to have fewer fires than normal. We had some rain yesterday and it is cold! I should feel like doing lots of things and can say that all I want to do is sleep and read. I did have a long wet and cold half a day at a pony show yesterday but was shivering by lunch time when I headed home(an hour and a half away) the temp was 12 degrees, but I did warm up on the way home. Oh and we did very well at the show came home with Supreme of show.

Aussie Jo said...

Very sad for all those Tasmanian families who have lost their homes and also the firefighter who lost his life I heard on the news today.

Jacquelines blog said...

It must be very scary for all the Australian people. I'll hope it will cool off...

Jenny said...

So grateful for the cool change too Doreen... it has been HOT... and if I am ever to visit Birdsville... I think I will do so in the Happy New Year wishes too x

Jenny ♥

shirley said...

I have been wondering how things were in Canberra, I can remember the year they had the really bad fires.
Hope your weather has cooled as ours has today.

Also hope your health problems that have surfaced are not serious.

best wishes and happy new year to you and your family

Linda said...

Happy New Year to you Doreen, although it has been a hot start. Pretty nasty up here, not quite as bad as it is in the far west, but not comfortable I can tell you.

Take care, thank heavens for air conditioners. Cheers.

Maggi said...

I can't imagine what it must be like in that heat. We don't even get close here. Such a tragedy with all the fires that are raging. Stay safe.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Please do keep safe and as cool as possible Doreen. We've been watching coverage of the fires from here and feel so badly for those who have been affected, both human and animal.