Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Back

Well I have been back since Friday but I have been trying to get things sorted out and get all the washing and ironing done.
Had a great time in Melbourne--met up with some friends,one being Gina a blogging mate and I will show you a pic when I get them all sorted out.
Ebony had a wonderful time and she loved her first trip on a plane--well when we finally got up in the air that is.
I am not sure how many of you are aware of it but we have had problems with the ash from the Chile volcano eruption.
We weren't affected in Canberra-that wasn't the problem but the problem was in Melbourne.
We were supposed to fly out of Canberra at 10.05am,so our daughter dropped us off at the airport at 9am and went home, only for us to discover that our flight had been cancelled and we were rescheduled to fly out at 5pm.
So they booked our luggage in and we decided to go back home--in a taxi--$55 later.
Then we decided that we would take our car when we went back to the airport and leave it in the longstay car park.
On arrival we discovered that the flight was now delayed until 6.30pm.....grrrr.
Now I can hear you asking why didn't we phone up and find out if the plane was still going to be on time--well I did try to do that but there was a permant delay on the phone due to the fact that everyone else was trying to do the same thing.
6.30pm came and went and we finally got off the ground at 7.30pm.
We arrived in Melbourne at 8.15pm and were booked into our apartment by 9pm.
That was one day lost from our holiday...grrrr
On Friday we had to be out of our apartment by 10am but we left our luggage there and headed out to see the Lego exhibition which was magnificent.
We left there at 11.30 and Stephen decided that he couldn't be bothered tramping around so we went back and got our luggage and headed off to the airport arriving there about 12.30pm.
The only problem was our plane didn't leave until 3.30pm....more waiting ....grrrr.
Another half a day wasted...... grrrr.
I'm glad that I am home but I don't want to see another airport for a long time.


Maggi said...

Sounds like both ends of the trip are best forgotten. At least Ebony enjoyed the flight. Glad you got home safe, eventually.

Heather said...

What a good thing you enjoyed the reason for the trip - hope that made all the hanging about and wasted time worthwhile. Some volcanoes have no consideration!

shirley said...

I have been watching these problems with the ash and flying and so glad I am a stay at home. The ash is coming back again i believe can you ever remember this happening before.

Val said...

So pleased you got away eventually - I was thinking about you! I bet Ebony got really fedup!