Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Melbourne photos

Here are some photos of Ebony taken on the last day of our trip.
The first one is on the plane waiting for our take off--she looks a bit tired --in fact we both look a bit tired.

This one was taken while we were waiting for the traffic lights to change.
In the background is the Flinders Street Station which is the central point for the trains in the city.
By this stage she was sick of me taking photos of her but I wanted her to have a record of her first trip to Melbourne.

This was in the Lego exhibition--it was so clever what they were able to do with these tiny blocks.

Here is a dinosaur built from Lego blocks--brilliant.

When we got back Ebony decided that she wanted me to teach her to knit again and I think she has got it this time.

Here is the photo of Gina (my blogging friend)and myself taken in our apartment.

We didn't have anyone else there at the time to take the photo so we set up my camera on the timer and took
it--so I am sorry about the flash off our glasses it couldn't be helped.

What a lovely lady Gina is and it is amazing how well we bloggers get on together when we meet for the first time--there definitely is a great friendship that is created from blogging.

Now back to stitching--I have an order for my silk ribbon button brooches that must be done by Thursday so I must get into it.


Jenny said...

Gorgeous pics Doreen... the lego looks amazing... and how special to meet up with your blogging pal in person :))

Jenny x

Heather said...

I'm not surprised Ebony looks tired after all that hanging about. The Lego models are fantastic and what a treat to meet a bloggy friend in the flesh. Glad you all had a great time.

Jenxo said...

lovely pics Dorren, hope your gd enjoyed herself.:)

Janet said...

The Lego photo really got my attention! And of course seeing the lovely Ebony. She's looking so grown up!

Val said...

So pleased you all had a great time - Lovely pix - great souvenirs for Ebony! Hope you get all your silk ribbon button brooches done in time.....

Maggi said...

Ebony may have been tired but she will enjoy having a record of the trip. What an awesome dinosaur. How nice to be able to meet another blogging friend.

karen said...

Ebony has my sympathies ...I don't like having my picture taken either!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

So glad you both enjoyed your trip to Melb Doreen. I'd heard from someone else here that the lego expedition was great.
At long last I've just done a post - there's something for you in it!!