Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday club ATC's

This month there are three people having birthdays so I had to make three ATC's.
They are in the mail now so if any of the recipients see this post they will know what they look like but they won't know which one they are getting.
These were all made from scrap bits from my embellisher samples.

I have been trying to stock up on my supply of ATC's so that if I happen to get busy I will have extras made.
Well that's the idea anyway but the best laid plans----you know the rest.


Penny said...

Certainly do, made them and forgot ajune was happening while we were away!! Home tomorrow night.


Your atcs are lovely, the recipients will be sure to adore them. I like your plan ... I could take a leaf from your book too ... just never get a quiet moment to get ahead!

Loving your TAST stitches Doreen
Have a lovely weekend

Carolyn x

Cobi said...

your ATCs are lovely. pretty colors too. I know what you mean. whenever I have extra ATCs I want to swap them right away and they end up in private swaps.

maggi said...

Gorgeous. Good idea to have extra supplies.

Janet said...

I hope you aren't like me....I recently made four postcards, put them away for safe keeping and now I can't find them!! And I've moved my studio and sorted through everything that was in there and no postcards!!