Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some More Journal Pages.

How can one person have so much fun when and it isn't illegal.
My only complaint about this class is that it is so addictive--I can't stop making embellishments for the pages.
My stitch for this week on TAST 2 has been lost in all the old doylies and watercolour papers.
OK enough said about the fun I am having---here are a few more pages.
The first one is the front page of one of my signatures-- one of the messed up pages that I retrieved from the bin.
I didn't like the piece that I had cut out of the floral scrapbook paper but then I found a round doyley and glued it over the front and also extended a piece of it around to the back-I hope it is easier to see when you click on it.
Ah that's better.

Here is another front signature piece which has a piece of fabric that a dear friend at the Guild gave me--

A few tags already to find a home somewhere in the book---

A centre page-I need to cover the stamped area with something it looks like 2 eyes peering over the top.

The picture on the left is from a card that Maureen sent me and I have saved it for something special and I think this is the place.

Two adjoining pages------

A close up of the page on the right that has an added small page over it which has been concertina folded and the rest is behild the large page.

When you open out the small page there is an embellishment behind it.

Some of these pages need more doing to them but seeing as I am not sure yet what I want to put on them I have stopped before I ruin them altogether.
I asked Ebony what she thought of the pages and she said "they are nice but a bit messy"
when I told her that they were meant to be like that she said "oh then they are beautiful"
No now I am off to do the TAST sample.


Jenxo said...

lol out of the mouths of babes!

love your pages, cant believe how much you achieved, i clicked on all the close ups, fantastic!!

maggi said...

Gorgeous Doreen. I have just got in from work and am so envious of all that you have done. Love the comment from Ebony.

Micki said...

It all looks great. Love the cover. Looks like a fun class.

Val said...

I clicked to get closeups too Doreen - they are all absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the tags!

Janet said...

You're're having way too much fun with this! I love these pages!!! And you made me laugh about the two eyes. If you hadn't said that I'd never have thought it but then that's all I could see. I think these are wonderfully messy and beautiful! Great job.

Ati. said...

It is great!! Doreen. And you who was afraid to start something new ;)
It looks if you have done this a hundred times. beautiful!! Do you save some space to write something? LOL

Heather said...

Ebony is right - they are beautiful, especially the one in your first photo. The finished journal will be gorgeous and a family heirloom Doreen. No wonder you are having so much fun making these pages.


Hi Doreen

Your journal embellishments are lovely. I was a late starter and just spent all weekend working on my journal pages and getting right up to date ready for this week's classes
No pictures to show yet but yours are great!

I wondered if I could sit next to you in class next week so I can copy you? LOL :o)

Have a good week

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your pages are absolutely gorgeous Doreen! Very feminine and pretty. Can't wait to see what you do with them next.

Dotti said...

Your pages are great. I'm so glad we are all in this class together. We have all been blogging and following and commenting across the globe with each other. It's like we've never really met, but we are far from being strangers! And I know so many in class! Matter of fact, my cyber friend Bea just snuck in (who left the door open?)...she's sitting just behind me! (grin, yuk yuk...snort)

Sophie said...

Doreen your pages are looking fantastic!! I can tell how much fun you're having just by the number of pages you've whipped up!! I haven't been so good but as soon as I'm settled into the new place I'm gonna spread out and PLAY!!!

Fran├žoise said...

They're beautiful Doreen! I can see that you're having fun.
Have a nice week.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your pages/signatures are fantastic Doreen, so many wonderful details!

I wanted t thank you again for your sewing machine tips, most helpful and I now have a decent looking stitch again! If only I weren't so bobbin and threading challenged I would change my thread to a darker color, it looks brilliant on your pages and tags! Love em!

Nancy said...

This is shaping up beautifully! I love your pages. And I understand you comment in the profile about living long enough to use up all the 'stuff". LOL