Monday, June 7, 2010

TAST 2 Buttonhole Herringbone Stitch

I can't believe it--for the first time ever I have posted 3 stories on one day.
Week 14 of the TAST 2 challenge over on Sharon B's blog saw us doing Buttonholed Herringbone stitch.
The stitch is made up from 2 stitches.
Firstly you lay a foundation of Herringbone stitch and then you work Buttonhole stitch along the legs of the Herringbone stitch.
The first photo is my official sample.
Instead of working the Herringbone stitch using equal distanced stitches I varied the width and height of each stitch.
This meant that I was able to work the uneven pattern that you can see here.

On my sample sampler I have worked equally spaced stitches for the base row giving me a much neater sample.

Now I am off to work a row of this stitch on my Crazy Patchwork block---I'm on a roll.


Aussie Jo said...

I can't believe you keep popping up on my computer!!
Lovely stitching.

Heather said...

This stitch would make a lovely edging for a collar or cuffs Doreen. I don't think I have come across it before.

maggi said...

Beautiful neat stitches Doreen. I like the idea of the irregular one.

Dot said...

You have been very busy my friend!

Janet said...

I've said this before but I'm just amazed at how neat your stitches are.

libbyquilter said...

beautiful stitching and i think the irregular spacing has interesting possibilities.