Friday, February 27, 2009

Art of a different kind--Culinary Art that is.

Now let me say from the beginning that I am not the worlds greatest cook --I cook because we have to eat and that's it.
But every now and then I even surprise myself and make something new.
I know that all my Blogger friends in England will be laughing their heads off when they see this but it is a first for me.
Stephen and I were watching pay TV this afternoon and believe it or not we were watching one of those many English shows that are to do with buying or selling houses or Escape to the Country etc.--you know the ones that I am talking about.
Anyway this bloke and his girlfriend were making Toad in a Hole and Stephen said "now that looks great--I reckon I would like that"---"do you think you could make it"
(Stephen cannot eat onions as he is allergic to them so we eat normal meat and Vegs meals)
Could I make it--I didn't know so I hopped on the internet and Googled Toad in a Hole and Bingo there was the recipe---and another bingo later --Voila--Toad in a Hole".
I got carried away with how much I made (because there is only the two of us)-so I hope it reheats well or that it is nice to eat cold cold-but I made it and it was damn nice even if I do say so myself (and Stephen loved it ).

And here is my dinner ready to eat---smothered in gravy----mmmmm

So now if any of you English ladies come visit me I can always cook you Toad in a Hole for your meal :-))


Homeleightigger said...

What's that brown stuff on the top - don't tell me it's sauce (it's okay if it's gravy though - I'll come visit - soon!)

Doreen G said...

It is gravy Val--I just forgot to mention it before --but I have corrected it now.

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Ditto re the cooking. I too only cook because we have to eat. Long gone are the days when I baked and cooked - been there - done that. Much prefer to be creative with textiles now and hate having to stop to make meals. You did make rather a lot for two! Don't know how it would reheat but I don't mind it cold.

Maureen said...

That looks lovely Doreen, making my mouth water!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've never had Toad in the Hole so I will have to google it to see how it's made. I too hate cooking and was ever so grateful when Jack retired and took it over. He loves to cook (which explains where our son got the genes to become a chef).

Monica said...

Hi Doreen, your meal looks delicious. I hope it reheats well for you ... and Stephen.

I went to the craft fair in Melbourne on the weekend and got to see all the entries in Dale's Connections Challenge. Yours looked wonderful. I'd seen photos of them on your blog but the photos did not do justice to them.


india said...

now that you've mastered "toad in the hole" you'll have to move on to another British classic ...
"spotted dick"!
bon appetit!

katelnorth said...

Of course, Toad in the Hole is traditionally made with onion gravy, but I suppose we can make an exception in this case! :)