Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stuff for Me

I received these wonderful papers in the mail a few days ago from Hilary who knew that I was doing the Ratty Tatty Papers course and thought that they may come in handy.
Will they? I reckon they will---there are pages from old magazines and old music sheets--some old doctors prescriptions dating back to 1922(doctors wrote just as bad back then also) pages from a Japanese book and a French book as well as old dictionary pages and also catalogue pages.
Who would think anyone could get so excited over old paper.

I also recieved my Starburst Sprays that I ordered from The Thread Studio---whoo-hoo lots of fun ahead for me.


Janet said...

You're one lucky gal! Those papers are great. I love stuff like that. My only problem is then I don't want to use them!!

I also noticed that you have my fav color right out front in your new Starburst sprays! Have fun with those.

Ati. Norway. said...

Love your papers, how lucky to receive them :)

Sandy said...

I'd get excited about old papers and paints. Nice new look.

Maureen said...

It really is amazing what we get excited about, for me at christmas it was 6 mini domino's from a cracker and last night I took the papers off some old incense sticks so i could use them for a stitched piece. ( I threw the incense sticks out)

Dot said...

What a great stash of papers Doreen! And those starburst sprays look like a lot of fun.

Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

Dot xx