Friday, February 6, 2009

January Stitch Explorer 2009

This year Sharon Boggan has another stitch challenge which is called " Stitch Explorer"-- if you go here you can find all the details regarding the challenge.
The first stitch pattern that we had to do was Chicken Scratch and I must admit it is one of my favourites.
The piece on the left was done several years ago and I decided to use it again because I wanted to show how it would look using the same design but with a different coloured thread and also working on the opposite squares.

The one on the left side has the base layer of cross stitches worked on the dark green squares using white threads.
Then the white thread was laced around and through the crosses to form the pattern.
The one on the right side has a base layer of green cross stitches which were worked on the white squares and have been laced with white thread.
The one on the left looks like it has a narrow white ribbon running below the stitches where as the right one looks like it has a green ribbon running through it.
I could work this pattern many more times using these two coloured threads in different places and it would look totally different again.
This is the third of Sharon's challenges that I have participated in and if is half as good as the previous ones I will be more than happy.


Joei Rhode Island said...

Hi Doreen
This is a lovely pattern....can understand why it is one of your favorites.

I will check out Sharon's challenge...I've been doing quite a bit of embroidery on my felt...I even started a blog on a most recent project a felted quilt.

Rhode Island

Sandy said...

Good job. It is an interesting technique.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Chicken scratch...wonder where the name came from? I remember playing around with it years ago..using large squared gingham and making pillows. Obviously it has evolved into something MUCH more attractive!

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely stitching Doreen, I must sit down and have a try this weekend!!

Maureen said...

Doreen - you're still doing it, going in for everything - lovely work tho'.

sharon young said...

What a lovely stitch and such a great effect using different colours on different squares.

Janet said...

This is beautiful! It reminds me of the smocking my mom used to do on my dresses when I was little. She was very good with a needle and thread but sadly I didn't take after her!

Christine said...

Hi Doreen, yours is the first blog I've looked at in 3 days, must be some sort of record for me, VBG. I'm fascinated how the same stitch pattern can look so different just with slight changes to the colourways. Thanks for showing this, as always your work is inspirational.

Miriam said...

Wow! A very nice combination, I think I am going to copy it. But of course I am also working on my own variations, as you can see on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

manuela said...

Such a seemingly small variation - it is amazing how different the two samples look. Beautyful and inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Barbara said...

Your samples look great. It just goes to show with just a slight variation you can get a different look. Love the pattern you have done.

freebird said...

I like chicken scratch. I haven't used it in a very long time. A piece would be pretty added to a crazy quilt I think.

So glad to hear you are safe. I wish so many others could have been.

RuthP said...

Doreen, That is really lovely.