Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bushfires

Just a short post to say thank you to everyone who has contacted me enquiring as to my safety.
I can assure everyone that I am not anywhere near these horrific fires and my heart goes out to the families who are affected by this most tragic event.
The death toll has almost reached 200 and the people in charge are saying it could reach 300.
They are still searching through the rubble trying to account for the missing people.
One wonders at the devestation to the wildlife and the farm animals--my mind cannot envisage the total loss--how will the ones that survived cope with the loss of their food supplies.
The Australian people and businesses have donated over 31 million dollars to the bushfire relief fund and I would like to ask anyone who reads my blog if you are able to donate any money no matter how small or large please go to the web site of the Australian Red Cross and give generously.
Thanks again for being concerned for my safety and please remember the communities who have lost everything in your prayers.


Postcards from Glenys Mann said...

Doreen, thanks you for your consoling comments. If you have read my comment above yours you will understand just what friendship means to me.

Their lives are no in the process of starting a new era, they are young and determined and have pleny of family support...they are the true survivors!
Thanks again, Glenys

Joei Rhode Island said...

Glad to hear you are out of the fire's path. I've watched my what little news I can glean. In California, where I'm from, the fires were yearly and devastating. My thoughts will be with all of OZ.

sharon young said...

Glad to know you're safe, Doreen.