Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fabric Book Page

Before Christmas I was invited to join a Fabric book page swap by Ati and as this was a first for me( being asked to join a page swap that is) I thought that I would give it a go.
The theme that I chose was Butterflies and my first page came from Cobi who lives in the Netherlands.
It was very hard to take a photo of the page that would do it justice because of the reflections so this is the best that I could manage.
The butterflies are in 3D effect that also doesn't show up in the photo.

I managed to take a horizontal view which shows them standing up but the colours are wrong.
Anyway the effect is great.

This is the Page that I sent to Helga who lives in Germany.
Helga's them is Angels and my page has a piece of fabric with angels in the top right hand corner.
I added the laces and was going to do embroidery stitches on the page but I removed them because I felt it looked better without them.
I think this is going to be fun.


Doris said...

beautiful effect of the butterfly,look really great, the fabirc with angels look great to,is really a very original work.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Fun stuff...It's great to get things from all over, isn't it? And such lovely pieces, too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely! Isn't it fun swapping with such great artists? How many pages will you be getting?

Dot said...

I am sure you will love this fabric book swap Doreen. I know I enjoyed the recent one I took part in.

Like the theme you chose and the page Cobi created for you is lovely.

Am sure Helga will love the page you created for her too. Is lovely Doreen.

Dot xx

Sandy said...

Nice pages. It sounds like a fun exchange.

Homeleightigger said...

These pages look really lovely Doreen, what a pretty book the Butterflies will make. Have you designed the cover yet? (with paper napkins perhaps.....)

Aussie Jo said...

What a great idea, and beautiful pages.
Might add that to the list for the textile group