Friday, March 27, 2009

Monthly Challenge Swaps

I belong to two online groups that I do monthly swaps with--the first one is the Calendar Girls Group.
This is the postcard that I received from Val for March.
Val has taken the right hand portion of the calendar and used that as the inspiration for her postcard.
It is a beautiful card with lots of texture in it.

This is the calendar page used for the inspiration---------

The other group is Fibre Fever and we are making a 6" square fabric book page for our swap partner in the theme of their choice.
My page is for Helina and her choice of theme is "A walk in the woods"
In the beginning I wrote down what each persons theme was and for Helina I wrote trees -to remind me of the woods.
But I forgot the woods part when I found this tree fabric in my stash and I put apples on some of the trees to give them colour.
I suppose you can find apple trees in the woods.
I know Barbara likes it so that's what really counts isn't it.

My theme is Butterflies and my page was made by Barbara.
The butterfly is 3D with lovely hand stitching on it and the background is painted vliesofix ironed onto the base fabric.
I really love the texture that Barbara has achieved in the background.

Some beautiful work is being produced in both groups.


Genie said...

Beautiful work

Paula Hewitt said...

great apple trees. it reminds me of all the groves of apple trees i saw in the forests around Canberra. you must have been thinking about those when you made this. :)

Barbara B. said...

Hello Doreen. I am happy, that you like the butterfly!
Greetings Barbara