Thursday, March 19, 2009

A picnic in the sun

Today Suzanne and I went for a drive to take some photos and have a picnic.
It was a warm sunny day-- no wind--just perfect for some girl time together.
As a lot of you know Australia is in the midst of a terrible drought and we in the cities feel hard done by when we can't water our gardens (well not me because I don't have a garden as such) but just 1 hour out of Canberra this is what greeted us.
Dry grassland with big gaping soil eroded furrows.
It is heartbreaking to see our beautiful country in this condition but without water what chance does it have.
Lots of clouds but no rain in sight.

Anyway we had a wonderful day -taking photos of old rusty cans-broken fences-brick walls weathered with age and the most wonderful old church with its rusted bell hanging motionless like it hadn't been rung in a long time with paint peeling off the window sills and a big old gate but no fence to hold it up.
It really does make you aware of what is around you when you have a camera in your hand.


Doris said...

yeah!, i love take pictures in my travels, not only big chatedrals, but road, houses..etc.

Purple Missus said...

I promise not to moan about our awful weather again because at least everything is green and lush.
Glad to hear you had a lovely day out. Wouldn't mind a nosy at some of the photographs- the old church sounds wonderful.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's heartbreaking indeed to see the land like that and there's not a thing anybody can do about it. Makes you wonder what's happening to our world.

Hilary Metcalf said...

Hi Doreen - sounds like you had a great day. Yes it is heartbreaking to see everything dying of thirst. We took some friends out to the railway station at Yass a while back and I was horrified at what I saw. the poor sheep didn't have anything to eat but rocks! Of course the farmer arrived with a trailer of feed - you wonder how the farm families keep going. We city girls have nothing to complain about.

Heather said...

I can sympathise with you over your lack of rainfall especially as the UK is greening up nicely with the arrival of spring. After those devastating bush fires I made a vow never to complain about our weather. Glad you had a good day out inspite of the drought. I have just read back a few posts and think your Trellis Stitch samples look OK - maybe it just isn't 'your' stitch. Love the painted tissue and post card. I am hoping to do the Ratty Tatty Papers course next month.

Aussie Jo said...

We are lucky down south, we have finally had some reasonable rain this past week after 3 months of nothing. It's amazing how quickly it greens up. We are having a last burst of summer this weekend with 30C.
I quite often am driving along and think "that would be a great photo" and never have the camera with me!
Sounds like a fantastic picnic.

Paula Hewitt said...

its a pity it isn't feasible to create a water pipeline from nth Qld to you, seeing as the original pipeline (the murray/darling) has been all f'ed up.

i missed, somehow, your trellis stitch, I will have to go take a look.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Drought is always hard to bear. To see the ground cracked and parched makes an ache in your heart. Hope your wet season brings some relief.

Would love to see pictures of a gate without the fence.

lizzie said...

Hi Doreen, it's been a while since I left any comment. Makes me feel very nostalgic for Australia and Canberra in particular especially seeing your photo of the land. I know it's awful to see it like this but it was precisely this dryness that attracted me on my first visit, so different to the countryside I'm used to. But love to have been with you and Sue. Such a fun day we had together at Sue's.

Janet said...

Since I live in a high desert area I can sympathize about the dry conditions....although right now we're doing ok. Looks like you had a fun day out and about taking lots of photos.

Dot said...

Hope you have been getting some rain recentlty Doreen. We have had a little down here (but no where near enough).

Your photo is very striking..