Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Ebony

Today the 31st March is Ebony's 9th birthday---
I can't believe just how fast she has grown up--it seems like only yesterday that I was holding this tiny cuddly beautiful little girl who had entered into our lives.
Her Dad gave her a new bike and we gave her the helmet among other things and she is so happy with her presents.
Did she want a birthday party ?--no--she wanted to go for a walk around the lake in Canberra with her family.
On Saturday we are taking her horse riding and the only problem with that is we have to brace ourselves for the "I want a horse" badgering that is going to follow.

Here is her birthday photo.


Fran├žoise said...

This is a beautiful photo.
Happy birthday to Ebony!

Genie said...

Happy Birthday Ebony

Joei Rhode Island said...

Oh, Doreen....She is soooo gorgeous! and such an artist too. And aren't you lucky to have that young lady (with that impish smile) so close.

Happy Birthday Ebony!

PS Max, my grandson in Brisbane just turned 9 on the 25th! I can't wait to visit him.

Julie H said...

Oh Happy Happy Birthday to Ebony, what a beutiful girl she is too. What a blessing to a child with simple wishes.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Ebony!! You share a birthday with HB! Although he's a bit more than nine!!

Beautiful photo! I hope the day is everything she could hope for and more.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday to her. Great picture. Justine is 9 too-when did they grow up?

Heather said...

What a lovely little girl - hope she enjoys her horse riding - belated Happy Birthday wishes.

Robin Mac said...

Happy birthday to Ebony - must be the year for horse riding in Canberra. Stuart's stepdaughter went horse riding last week for her eight birthday! Have fun with it. Cheers,Robin

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Happy birthday to Ebony!

Hilary Metcalf said...

Happy birthday Ebony - for a 9 year old, you sound like a young lady who has her priorities right!

Doreen K. said...

Happy Birthday, Ebony. Love you picture.

Jacquelines blog said...

Happy Birthday Ebony!

Purple Missus said...

A very happy birthday to Ebony. She is growing up fast Doreen.
Brace yourself though, I've got two daughters that are Aries (30th March and 2nd April - bad planning)and this is just a small part of what they say about Arians:

Aries are reckless and determined. Nothing will stand in their way if they can help it, including people. They've got heaps of physical energy and are very competitive. They have to come first in everything. If they don't, they'll let you know what a bad loser they are. Never tell an Aries they're wrong either. They become dangerous.

Does it sound familiar *LOL*

Dot said...

Happy Birthday Ebony!

What a gorgeous photo Doreen - Ebony looks very happy and pleased with herself.

And how lovely that she doesn't want a big party too.

I smiled at Lynda's comment above about Aries. Sounds like Ebony could be a force to be reckoned with :)

Jan said...

Happy Birthday Ebony - what a beautiful young lady you are becoming.
I hope you are well Doreen - thank you for visiting my blog. I have spend a happy 10 minutes browsing yours and looking at all your wonderful new pieces.