Friday, April 3, 2009

Prize giveaway from Carole

Earlier this week I received my prize from Carole in New Zealand for winning one of her giveaways.
It included 3 of her personally photographed cards--2 small stitcheries that will come in handy when I go away for a few days and need some stitching to do.
There were also some entry tickets that will come in handy for my mixed media work and also some black lace.

Also included was this lovely serviette which I was so pleased to receive -not that I needed more serviettes but last year Carole sent me one of these serviettes and I have been too scared to use it in case I ruined it.
I had thought of asking her for another one just in case but I didn't because that seemed a bit it rude.
Anyway she included one in my prize bundle as well.
Now that was the icing on the cake wasn't it.

Thank you Carole.


Penny said...

Wow Ebony is growing up, I am glad she had a happy Birthday from experience the ponies are a worry!
Love your quink and bleach experiments.
those serviettes! I think I also have more than I know what to do with.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Doreen...I have surmised that serviettes are a specially printed little paper napkin. Yes? Now do you put a gel medium on top or just sew on them? Can you show how you use this?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Nice winnings, but have to admit I love the serviette and can understand you being afraid to use it...I'd be tempted to frame it!

maggi said...

A good selection of goodies in your winnings but the napkin is gorgeous - what you could do with a few of those, no wonder you didn't want to use up your other one.

Maureen said...

Now you can really paper behind that radiator!

Aussie Jo said...

Lucky you, you'll have to show us what you do with this lovely serviette!