Thursday, April 30, 2009

Australian Wildflowers Quilt.

Last year the Creative Group which is part of the ACT Embroiderers Guild decided to make a wall quilt which would then be the main prize in the raffle at the exhibition.
Well we didn't get it finished for last years exhibition but it will definitely be ready for this year.
The theme that was chosen was Australian Wildflowers and members were asked to embroider a flower in whatever thread that they chose.
We ended up with Silk Ribbon--Wool --Perle cotton-- and Embroidery floss and one Machine embroidered piece.
There were 15 ladies who were interested in participating.
The fabric was hand dyed by Lois Evans and it was cut into varying sizes to allow for the different flowers that were chosen.
Over the next few days I will endeavour to show you all the finished pieces.
13 ladies did the embroideries (no I didn't do one) and 2 of us are responsible for piecing it together and finishing it off.
The first one shown was worked by Margaret Roberts (the Aussie one) and has been done by Machine Embroidery.
It is a Native Iris.

Next is the Flannel Flower which was worked in wool by Suzanne Clarke.

Finally the Waratah which has been beautifully worked in Silk Ribbon by Annette Horvath.
If you look on the stalk you can see an ant.

I have to apologise for the puckered look on some of these due to me having to scan each one.
Today I have been adding the borders and then it will be handed over to Annette Dziedzek who will be doing the rod pocket on the back and the bindings (not my favourite job).
Come back tomorrow and see some more.


Heather said...

These are lovely Doreen - I'll be back for more. The quilt will be so beautiful when it's complete and what a superb raffle prize.

Robin Mac said...

Doreen, they are really beautiful - I am sure you will sell lots and lots of tickets with people trying to win the finished quilt. Cheers, Robin

Paula Hewitt said...

beautiful - im looking forward to seeing the others. I particularly like the waratah. is it as 3 dimensional as it looks? lucky (sensible) you handing it over for someone else to do the dirty work.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love the flowers and am really liking the fabric in the background..what a wonderful colour!

sharon young said...

What beautiful flowers, wonderfully stitched, and such a great idea.

Val said...

They look just wonderful Doreen - look forward to seeing more.