Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tasty Tomatoes

Ebony wanted a vegetable garden this Summer-but seeing as we don't really have a garden we purchased her two big pots and planted some tomatoes.
She has watered and weeded these two plants all through the summer heat and she has finally picked 5 red tomatoes.
There are more green ones on the bushes waiting to ripen.
We had a salad for dinner with her tomatoes being the centre of attention surrounded by lettuce and cucumber.
Here you can see her tomatoes in all their glory.

And the flavour was amazing.
Bravo Ebony.


Aussie Jo said...

wow, they are fantastic tomatoes, obviously the result of a lot of care. Well done Ebony.

Susan D said...

Well done Ebony. I bet they tasted better than anything you could buy in the shops.

Doris said...

they look great!

susanmcb said...

You have probably encouraged what will be a life long love of gardening, what a good thing. Well done to both of you. Sue mcB

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh yum! There is absolutely nothing tastier than fresh garden tomatoes. Bravo Ebony!

freebird said...

Nothing tastes better than produce that is truly grown to ripeness and eaten freshly picked.

What a good experience for Ebony.

sharon young said...

Ooo.... these do look good, well done to Ebony for all the hard work. We've got a few weeks to go yet in the UK before we can plant ours, but I do love that smell just before they bear fruit.

Paula Hewitt said...

Ebony might make a gardener of you yet!