Sunday, December 28, 2008

All done and dusted

Well Christmas is over --I ate too much---I slept a lot---I had a great time with family and friends--life sure is good.
We have had the wettest Christmas in Canberra that I can remember since we have been here.
We had several big storms which left tree bark and leaves all over the place.
When I went out this morning to put the washing on the line I noticed this gum leaf on the outdoor table and the beautiful echo pattern that had formed around it.
I raced in and got the camera ---this looks like a good design for a project in the future.

I have finished putting the TIF book of crazy patchwork squares together and all I need to do now is take the photos.
Keep watching this space.


Robin Mac said...

I love the pattern the oils have made around the leaf. I also love your TIF book - too lazy to go back to that blog to comment! You have so much energy and get through so much each year - I will look forward to seeing what you do in 2009. Happy New year. Cheers, Robin

Dot said...

You have the eye of an artist Doreen. This is lovely.