Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Story of The Christmas Pig

Several weeks ago Paula mentioned here about a Christmas Story she had jokingly had said to her children about.
This story was about the Christmas Pig.
She meant it as a joke but her children thought that she meant it for real so she told them that she would write about it closer to Christmas on her blog.
Now a lot of us have been waiting for the mysterious story to appear.
Well today on her blog The Beauty of Life the story has evolved written and illustrated by Paula for her Children (and us).
Please drop by and read it- you won't be dissappointed and while you are at it put her blog on your Bloglines or google reader because it is one blog worth reading regularly.


Paula Hewitt said...

shucks. im blushing. the kids were quite skeptical about the whole story until I showed them the magic VISA rock in my purse - they are now true believers. lol. hope you and all your family have a lovely Christmas

Jolly Good Yarn Girl said...

I've really enjoyed Paula's Blog too and am glad to have found yours today

Jan said...

That is so delightful. Thank you for sharing it.
A very happy Christmas to you and all your family Doreen x

Julie H said...

It was nice to catch up with all the wonderful cards you have received Doreen - and your Christmas square is just gorgeous.

Have a very safe and happy Christmas.