Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Postcard

I received this postcard today from Ati as part of the Fiber-Fever group Christmas swap.
Ati does such beautiful Crazy postcards and I just love the stitching in this one.
I had to send to Margreet and if you scroll down a few posts you can see the card that I sent to her.

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Penny said...

What a lovely card. Certainly looks like Christmas where you are, I havent even got the tree up yet but most of the presents are organised.As we will be away and no one until New year i think the Christmas decorations here will be minimal but on the Island i go all out.
No pudding, not good for either of us but I cheated this year as we do love Brandy butter and bought 2 little ones, but a cake will be made and i always do a hot duck in the evening, lunch is seafood.