Saturday, December 20, 2008

Postcard and stuff from Debbi

This week I received my December Calender Girls postcard from Debbi and wow I wish that you all could feel it.
Debbi has used the wax technique to make this card(at my request I must add) and I am amazed at how wonderful it looks.
She has also used a serviette as part of the base.
Truly beautiful Debbi.
But wait there's more ------------

Again Debbi has added more serviettes and I am amazed at how many different serviettes this girl has.
She has sent me over 50 different serviettes in the last month so I should be ready for Dale's Ratty Tatty Papers workshop next month.
There were these 2 to start with aren't they great-----------

Then there's this bunch----------

And this bunch------------------

And lastly these.

I am having trouble finding somewhere to store them all---I wonder what Debbi does with hers because I only have one of each - she has a full pack --well almost .
Thanks again Debbi you are a treasure.
And also just to let everyone know that we are going to continue on next year with the Calendar Girls but with a slightly different format ---stay tuned-----------------


Aussie Jo said...

Great serviettes Doreen(and a beautiful postcard). It makes sense to share them around as you generally would never use all the packet.
I saw some interesting ones at the Johnston Collection gallery shop in East Melbourne on Thursday.
If you haven't seen this collection you should try to get there next time you're in Melbourne. I'll try to blog the details this weekend sometime.

Aussie Jo said...

I store my serviettes/odd bits of paper/silk paper etc in display folders
(only one or two dollars from the supermarket)