Monday, December 1, 2008

Indoor Rock Climbing

On Saturday Ebony went to a friends birthday party at the Canberra Indoor Rock Climbing Centre.
Wow and did she have a great time.
The children were fitted with a safety harness which allowed them to be coupled with an instructor who guided them up the wall.
The walls have small wedges and holes in them and the aim is to use them to lclimb your way up to the top of the wall.
At all times she was attatched by a rope which goes through a pulley system and is held at the other end by the instructor and as she got further up the wall he would tighten the rope via a ratchet system so there wasnever any slack rope.
On her first attempt she only took a few steps but she looked down and that was it---but after several attempts there was no stopping her.
For two hours she was up and down the walls like a rat up a drain pipe.
The first photo is of her climbing up a wall which only had holes and slits and she made it to the top which was very high up.

In the second photo the wall had wedges and as you can see she reached the top again.
What a great way to keep children entertained for two hours--and it wasn't necessary for the parents to supervise all the time as each instructor was in charge of the same two children for the whole two hours.



linda stokes said...

Wow! this would be a nightmare for me as I'm scared of heights but my daughter loves rock climbing, indoors & out.
Well done Ebony.

Aussie Jo said...

I bet she got a real boost from making it all the way up. My two youngest love indoor rock climbing as well.

Dot said...

Ebony is a real go getter isn't she? I love how she gives everything a go. Looks like great fun!