Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Calendar for 2009

This year I participated in a calendar project at my local card and scrapbooking shop.
The idea was that there were 12 people in the group and we were allocated a month and then we had to make a calendar page for that month depicting an event that represents that month (well actually we did 12 pages for the same month)
We had to have them done by mid October and handed in to the shop so that they could bind them together-I page from each person representing the 12 months.
At the Christmas party for the shop we each received our calendars.
I have only chosen some of the pages to show you otherwise I would be here on the computer all day loading them.
These pages may seem strange to people from other countries but this is how things are "Downunder"
The January one is obviously for Summer---in the bottom right hand side corner the lady has used sandpaper to represent the sand--very clever.

February is obvious--Valentines Day---done by my friend Anne

June is the official start day of winter in Australia.

August was done as a quick fill in because the person who was responsible for this month did not return her pages so the lady who owns the shop had to make 12 of these pages the day before the party.

September is my page and it represents Spring--I could have done Father's Day but I chose Spring because it was prettier.

I also did November because again someone hadn't done their pages which I think is very mean of them to make a commitment and then not follow through with it.
The shop owners ended up having to make 3 different pages altogether to substitute for the thoughtless people who hadn't returned their pages and they just ran out of time and inserted a blank page into the book.
I decided to do the page in my book myself.
It represents the Melbourne Cup--which is a really big horse racing event in Australia.
Nearly all of Australia stops whatever they are doing on the first Tuesday in November at 2.30pm and either watches on TV or listens on the radio to the Melbourne Cup.
I did have a stamp of horses but the other thing about Cup day is the fashions that the ladies wear and the huge hats that adorn their heads.
I love this stamp and it says it all I think.

And finally December --which is obvious.

I am glad that I entered because I now have a beautiful calendar ready for next year.


Paula Hewitt said...

what a great calendar. i do like the sand in january - very clever.

Virtual Quilter said...

Love the idea of a hand made calendar, pity so many didn't keep their promise!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I tried to comment on this yesterday but it didn't work. Anyway, it's a lovely calendar and something special to look at all year.

Gunnels blog said...

What a beautiful calender !! And it´s so fun to look at the differant theme at the months, you have summer when I have winter !!!

But we have christmas both now :-)

Happy Christmas!

freebird said...

That's a very nice way to get the new calendar for the year. My daughter would agree the hats are the biggest part of the races or anywhere she can get away with wearing one! I participated in a card exchange where we only had to make ONE card for someone we were given the blog address for (to see what they would like) and still a couple of people didn't come up with what they'd promised. People need to bow out early if they need to or do what they said they would do.