Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trades with Paula and Moo

Recently Paula sent Ebony some fabrics and stuff for her to make some ATC's with so Ebony decided she wanted to trade with Paula to say thank you and I traded as well.
Here are the two ATC's that Paula sent to us but she forgot to say what card was for which person.
Well you know me I said to Ebony that she could have whichever one that she wanted thinking that she would take the fairy on the toadstool.
But no to my great pleasure she wanted the one on the left which is titled Patterson's Curse--which is a weed that grows in the open fields in Australia in the summertime.
The reason that she chose this one was because when we went on our holidays last year she had noticed the Patterson's curse on the hills and admired the colours.
If you want to see the ATC's that we sent to Paula click here.

The next card is for Ebony from Paula's three and a half year old daughter Moo who wanted to get in on the fun as well.
I bet you can all see that Moo has drawn a beautigul Fairy can't you.
Ebony loved Moo's drawiing especially since she still has pictures that she drew when she was a toddler.

Thanks to both Paula and Moo --we love them.


sharon young said...

You really are getting all the youngsters in on the act. Isn't Moo's fairy wonderful!!
Ebony must be very observant.

Paula Hewitt said...

You're welcome!