Monday, May 12, 2008

A Gift for me and an ATC for Ebony

Sunday was Mothers Day and I received the most wonderful gift from Ebony.
We were playing in our favourite room and I was dividing up my beads to share with her because they were ones that I won't be using much of in the future.
She had some florist wire and threaded beads on it and made me the bracelet in the centre of the picture.
The necklace was a surprise--she told me she was making something for Poppy and she measured my neck for the size because she thought we had the same sized necks.
And then she started adding beads and sequins etc until it was finished.
Poppy was in bed by the time she finished so it was left on my table.
When I got up (after a sleep-in) on Sunday morning I was given the nacklace for Mothers Day.
I had no idea that it was for me --now to say it's isn't the most comfortable thing to wear is an understatement but I did wear both the necklace and bracelet to the Embroiderers Guild today in all my glory.

As you can see she has put some letter beads that spell Nanny--I think I am the luckiest Nanny in the world.

This is the ATC that Ebony received from Claudia who is Jo's almost 8 year old daughter--it is so lovely to see children swapping ATC's.
Claudia has done a wonderful job and Ebony loves it especially the pink button--there is machine and hand stitching on it ---thank you very much Claudia.
Claudia wants to swap with other children now and if you have children or grandchildren who would like to swap with her go to the above link to Jo's blog .
And being me I forgot again to take a photo of the ATC that Ebony sent Claudia but it is posted on Jo's blog so you can see it there.
Like Jo said -once children had penpals now they can swap ATC's instead.


Janet said...

What a sweet, darling granddaughter you have. And even if it was a bit uncomfortable to wear, you did it anyway and that's the important thing. I can remember some gifts I gave my mom and I'm sure it was a challenge for her to appreciate them but she did. You are indeed a lucky nanny and Ebony is a lucky little girl.

The ATC swap with kids is great. I love seeing kids being encouraged to show their creativity.

Jan said...

What a lovely, lovely story Doreen. The thing is, what you probably don't realise being the lovely Nanny that you are,is that you really deserve it!! Wear it with pride as I know you will.
It is great too to hear of the children swapping - long may it continue.

Robin Mac said...

I think you are the luckiest Nanny ever, and i bet the others at the embroidery guild were so glad you wore the necklace and bracelet.

Maureen said...

It is so important to encourage this creativity in the girls,it will hopefully never leave them.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Awww...what a sweet mothers day present from Ebony, and I'm so glad you wore them to the meeting. She will never forget that you did and it will be a wonderful memory for her.

Homeleightigger said...

Absolutely lovely posting Doreen - and Ebony's creativity seems to be coming on by leaps and bounds! Val

Homeleightigger said...

Absolutely lovely posting Doreen - and Ebony's creativity seems to be coming on by leaps and bounds! Val

Dot said...

Ebony is a sweetheart and so are you. What a gorgeous gift. She obviously loves you very much.