Friday, May 23, 2008

A couple of swaps

I have been involved in a couple of swaps lately and I can now show you because they have reached their destination.
The first is a tassel that I made for Sharon because she mentioned that she liked several that I had on my blog previously.
I used fancy fibers for the skirt and the twisted cord -the head is made from silk paper I had in my stash that I made ages ago and an organza ribbon is tied around the silk paper.
This is an ATC that I made for a dear friend Janet in the US.
The base is hand felted and then machine embroidered with some hand stitches also added.


MargB said...

Very lovely Doreen

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

I saw your tassel on Sharon's blog. It is beautiful. You used a lot of yarn - it wasn't all eyelash yarn was it?

Lise said...

Both are so lovely!! How big (long) is the tassel? I also admire your Calendar Girls Postcard - so here is another ?? How did you make the lovely, tiny feet?

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Doreen - just catching up on your last several posts (that is the trouble with going away!!). Everything looks fabulous - your tassels are incredibly rich and textural looking. Love your Melbourne purchases and I for one think you showed considerable restraint given what you COULD have bought!

Jan said...

Beautiful tassel Doreen.

Doreen K. said...

Love tassel you made. And the atc is gorgeous. Love all the texture.

Joei Rhode Island said...

More Felt! More Felt! More Felt!


I don't visit all that often but when I do.... I love seeing your beautiful work. I can hardly wait to see what you do with the Embellisher!

Rhode Island

Susan said...

Hi Doreen!
I agree with everyone! The tassel is beautiful. I know; I have one! My Christmas tree is made of wrought iron and stays up in our living room all year long....with your wonderful tassel on it! I'm so far behind reading various blogs that I know the situation is hopeless....but....CYBER FYBER is trading at a nice pace and I'm getting lots of personal art done too. I just traded with a nice stitcher in ROMANIA! I'm writing here...a public place...and hoping you can help or this comment might be seen by someone else who can help. Doreen Kincade requested a trade. She didn't leave this comment using an active profile. She didn't send a follow up email. I've seen her name commenting on several blogs over the past few months or year. I have no way to email her. I don't know if she's got an active profile, a blog, or anything else....but, since her name is also "Doreen", I thought you might know who she is or how to get in contact with her!

sharon young said...

Your ATC is lovely, Doreen, it looks very soft and tactile in the pic.
I love my tassel, at the moment it hangs on my inspirational wall and gives me pleasure every time I look at it. I plan to use it on my first art journal, that's my incentive to make one :-)