Saturday, May 10, 2008

Forgive me for I have sinned

Well what can I say --after stating at the beginning of the year that I would not buy anything new this year but only use what is in my stash I have fallen by the wayside.
My only excuse is I couldn't control myself--or I could say that if I didn't buy this stuff when I saw it I wouldn't find it when I was back in Canberra or the devil made me do it---but really I was in shops that I may never get back to again and I am not one to pass up opportunity when it knocks on the door.
Am I sorry that I purchased all this stuff well what do you think?
Am I going to use it this years in my TIF challenge pieces?--you betcha.
Do I feel guilty ?--Nah not one bit.
OK-- I got this knobbly wool on special and it just jumped into my basket and dragged the brown fibre with it.

These mother of pearl buttons will be used in my CQ blocks

And these hand painted buttons were a little expensive but I think they were worth it

I had told Stephen I wanted to find a button shop and he looked up the yellow pages and found a little shop in the next block to where we were staying.I had to climb several flights of stairs and wander down dingy corridors to get to it but wow was it worth while.When I told the lady I was looking for single buttons in various sizes she ushered me to an area that had drawers full of buttons in single colours and here is the result.

I needed the pink thread for this months challenge and the trim--well I just loved it.

The Sari silk followed me home as well-----------

While in the same building where I got the buttons the sales lady asked had I been to the Japanese shop on the same floor as they were---well I had to go and take a look didn't I.
These fabrics are Japanes cottons and each square is 7" x 7" and there are 9 in each pack.

These cottons are so soft to handle --well I had to have them too didn't I?

But the best of all was my trip to Chapel street in Prahan---there is a place there called "The Chapel street Bazaar" and whenever we go to Melbourne this is the first place I visit.
It is an amazing place--full of vintage stuff--bric-a-brac---retro clothes etc --but best of all there is a little "shop" full of vintage laces- buttons- ribbons-motifs-cords-trims--you name it this lady has it.
I could have spent all day in this place but I had to leave because it is only big enough for one customer at a time-I mean there is so much stuff in this small area (about the size of a bathroom) and the lady has a counter in there and all this vintage stuff is pinned on to the walls and hanging off the ceiling.
I mean it kept falling off the wall on top of her when I asked to see something--oh but it is just heaven.
So I got a lot of motifs and trims because this is one place that you have to buy things when you see them--as they won't be there when you go back.
These are the motifs I got(I have only shown 1 of each here).

I chose these motifs because I can cut them into sections--and the colours are unusual.

And leaves by the metre--one can not have enough leaves can they------------

And finally some more trims.

Ah now to get on with using them------------------


Penny said...

sounds wonderful I must remember the place in Prahran for my next trip, although it sounds as if I need to save up, and where is the button place?
You cant go somewhere and not come home with something!!

Maureen said...

What beautiful lace motifs, and of course you have to buy when you see it, I think you've been very restrained!! I'm off to an Embroiderers Guild open day today so hoping they have the sort of recycling table you have and that the trade is good - not that I need anything? As Penny says 'you can't go somewhere and not come home with something'!

Robin Mac said...

Wow, haven't you come home with a wonderful stash. I wish I was going back to Melbourne again this year, I would definitely be buying up big - and when you have bought it of course you have to use it for your TIFs! Good luck to you. Robin

Micki said...

It looks like you hit the mother lode. Fantastic buys, love the lace motifs.

Janet said...

After seeing all those goodies, I couldn't have resisted either! Love those painted buttons! And the leaves are so pretty. I say you hit the jackpot!!

Cyber Fyber said...

Of course you had to have each and every one! The buttons and yarn are both great...but the lace is SO interesting! Thanks for sharing.

"Pizza" is a really great way to describe the fabric Ebony and you created. She must have had a blast free motion stitching into all those delightful bits.

I'm sorry I haven't written in days, but spring time here is such a very, very busy art season. I'm just swamped with work and deadlines. I managed to post all the new postcards and ATC on two newly created, connected blogs on the CYBER FYBER "site". Trading begins tomorrow. Oh, I've found a writer and a caterer...more about this later.

Also, Alex came by the house last week. It's the first I've seen him in over 10 weeks. He's still in school but I think he's failing more than one subject. A school social worker has been assigned to his "case"...something I never thought would happen to a person in my family. Alex did, however, cut his he looks respectable at least. He's still working but frequently sleeping in his girlfriend's car. Technically, he's homeless.

Yesterday was Mathias' 20th birthday. Though we haven't celebrated this together since he was 12 due to his being in ballet school, Steve went to England this year.

I promise to write an email message soon. Please spread the word about CYBER FYBER's new/final round of trading! Thanks so much! Let me know about spelling errors too, if you don't mind!

Jacquelines blog said...

I would done the same thing, don't guilty, enjoy!!! lovely lace!

Sandy said...

You have sinned, but isn't it wonderful?

Paula Hewitt said...

They all seem like quite reasonable and restrained purchases - all things considered! I bought some sari silk recently too - i dont think Ill ever use it is just want to own it!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sinned? I don't think so. These are all wonderful treasures and you deserve every single one of them. Have fun creating!!

Purple Missus said...

Good heavens, you're not to be trusted out shopping on your own *LOL* What a wonderful lot of bits and bobs you managed to collect and the shops you visited sound wonderful. Why are all these amazing shops always in places other than on your doorstep?

Fran├žoise said...

I forgive you. I wouldn't have done better!

Jan said...

What wonderful finds - I'm very envious! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them xx

sharon young said...

Oh boy! You really did have a good time didn't you!
I just love those hand painted buttons and the vintage lace is to die for!