Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Embellisher Workshop at The Thread Studio

Last week I enrolled in another online course--this time with Dale at The Thread Studio.
This one is on working with the Embellisher and is called Embellish stitch and Enrich.
The workshop commences on the 4th of June and runs for 6 weeks.
So if you have an embellisher and you want to learn some fabulous stuff (just like Dale makes)
why not pop over and join in.
If you follow the link it will take you to the page with all the information.
I hope to see you there.


Maureen said...

Encouraging me to spend more money (as if??) going to sign up - about time I learned to do things properly, the only thing I've ever had formal tuition for was Bobbin Lace making so this will be new to me, bit worried about the machine embroidery bit but we'll see.

sharon young said...

Another one! you are a naughty person, putting temptation in my way, I could do with this as the embellisher hasn't been out for months and is in danger of ending up on Ebay!