Sunday, May 4, 2008

FME and Tassels

On Thursday I made about 12 tassels and I trimmed them off into the rubbish bin--all those wonderful fibers - different textures and beautiful colours.
I thought that I should keep them and make some fabric out of them but then decided I didn't have time.
Well I forgot to empty the bin before Ebony arrived on Friday and as usual the first thing that she does is check out what "wonderful" things that I have tossed out that she just can't live without (does that sound familiar).
I recieved the biggest dressing down for tossing out the fibers "How can you throw out this wonderful stuff Nanny?"
Every piece was retrieved and so I decided to show her how to make "Pizza fabric"( well that's what I call it anyway)
We sandwiched the fibers between 2 sheets of Vliesofix and ironed them all together then this was ironed onto some Kunin felt and a lovely piece of bright pink Organza that she received from Paula was placed on the top and ironed on.
The whole piece looked lovely -so I asked her if she would like to do some FME and as the first photo shows she jumped right in.
I couldn't get her to remember "slow hands and fast feet" all she could think of was slow feet and fast hands.
So there are some long stitches on this piece--but then I remembered my first attempt and it wasn't much better.
After this was finished I showed her what would happen when I put the heat gun on it--she liked what it did but was afraid of the heat gun itself --thank goodness for that as it is one tool that I don't have to worry about her using on her own.

Here is the finished piece it is A4 size and I am so proud of what she achieved.
She wanted to know if it would be expensive to make a lot of these pieces and make a quilt.
Does that mean I will have to keep on making a lot of tassels--I hope not.

And talking about tassels here are 2 of them that I made for my daughter to take to her friend who she is visiting in New York at present.

Well that's it for a few days as I am off to Melbourne for a short holiday ---can't wait as I think they have the best shops there---look out credit card you're in for a busy time.


Aussie Jo said...

Hi Doreen, The tassels are beautiful. What have you used as the finishing around the top??

Aussie Jo said...

I forgot to say, Ebony's FME looks sensational. Perhaps she could use it as a book cover.

Micki said...

Ebony is one smart little girl. Looks like she had a fun time. Her pizza fabric looks fantastic. And so does your tassels.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's sure easy to tell that Ebony is your granddaughter!! What lovely work. Oh, and your tassels aren't half bad either ;)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oops...forgot to wish you a happy holiday...have fun.

Maureen said...

Slow hands ,fast feet - must try that as FME is something I can't seem to master - how about coming over for a master class - the work looks great - WELL DONE EBONY and grandma!!

Ati. Norway. said...

It is very clear that Ebony has some genes of her granny :-D

Sandy said...

Wonderful work by Ebony and nice tassels. I treasure mine, and it hangs in the living room.

Nellie's Needles said...

Yeah, for Ebony and her creativeness! oh, and for yours, too ... lovely tassels.

sharon young said...

What a gorgeous piece Ebony's making, no wonder you're so proud of her. And she's quite right too, shame on you, for throwing out all those lovely trimmings from your wonderful tassels:-)

Jacquelines blog said...

Ebony's work looks wonderfull and your tassels too!!!

Joanna van said...

I love your tassels Doreen! They are really great and beautiful!

Dot said...

Ebony is such a sweetheart! I love reading about her growing love of textiles. She must have SO much fun with you Doreen.

And your tassles are wonderful!

See you very soon xoxo

Janet said...

The tassels are gorgeous, and I must agree with Ebony....why did you throw out those scraps?? She made a beautiful piece of fabric from them. I think you're in for some real competition from your granddaughter!!

Julie H said...

Wonderful tassels and I am so proud of Ebony for not letting you waste any of the little pieces.

Purple Missus said...

Ebonys work is wonderful Doreen - but then shes lucky to have such a good tutor :)
Your tassels too are beautiful, your daughters friend will be very pleased.
Have a really good time on your trip and give a big hug to Dianne and Dot for me.