Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swaps we have sent lately

Here are some ATC's that I have sent out and I can now show you because the ladies have received them.This is the ATC that I sent to Helen in the UK --I met Helen through the new Stitchin Fingers group that Sharon B has started-if you haven't visited it yet just follow the link and take a peek.

Helen also asked if she could trade with Ebony and this is the card that she made for her.
Sorry about the glare but with all that gold on the background it was unavoidable.

These are the ATC's that we swapped with Judith in NZ recently.
The one on the bottom right corner is Ebony's and the other three are mine.
Again I am sorry about the quality of the photo but the battery was low on the camera and I wanted to get them in the post so I couldn't wait for the batteries to recharge.
The top left one is torn strips of organza stitched together on the machine and hand stitches were then added.
The top right is made from a baby wipe that I had used to clean off the ink on some stamps -I placed it on top of some cheap felt and ran it under the embellisher -then added some hand stitching.
The bottom left one that looks like a white blob is actually a lovely piece of hand made paper with flower petals embedded in it.
I attached a piece of beautiful lace on top of this and it is nice --shame you can't really see it properly though.


Fiona Whitehead said...

Wow - these are beautiful - for someone who can only just about sew a button on I am in awe of these ATC's

Helen said...

Hi Doreen, I do indeed have a blog and I hope you don't mind, but I have just nominated you for an award. Please don't feel obliged to nominate more people.