Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Princess Annorexia

Not a very good photo but it is the best that I could do under the circumstances.
She does not have any lights on her this year-I couldn't be bothered because we put her up before we went on holidays.
Every year I decorate her in different colours and this year it is the traditional reg-gold and green.
I have our Nativity scene underneath her this year.

If you want to know why we call her Annorexia you can go here to find out.


Penny said...

Glad you are home and had a lovely time while you were away, sounded gorgeous.
We go on the 18th to kangaroo Island so not long, burnt the biscuits this morning, John was making pate and distracted me. At least the pate is ok.

Maggi said...

Anorexic or not, the princess looks lovely. Sounds like you had a great cruise and embraced everything there was to see and do.

Janet said...

Princess Anorexia doesn't need lights to look beautiful....she has all that history behind her.

Heather said...

Your tree has kept her slender figure so well all those years Doreen and is far easier to live with than one whose branches stick out too far and get caught on everyone going by. Loved reading about all the decorations. We have some the same age as your tree and they have pride of place on ours. Where Christmas trees are concerned, more is definitely more!I'm putting ours up on Friday.

Dot said...

Pleased to see that Ms. Anorexia is alive and well this Christmas! She is beautiful xx
Love the photo's from your trip. So many lovely sights, and yummy food by the looks of it.
Dot xx