Sunday, December 18, 2011


I loved Vanuatu I think mainly because of the culture but especially because of the quirky art that was on display.
Before I get to the art I thought that this photo of a view from one of the hills we were on says it all--peaceful--beautiful--green------

Me looking out the bus door--I played the little old lady to perfection so that the handsome young tour guide helped me on and off the bus.

We went to a Museum where this local man explained his culture to us and then he proceeded to play songs for us on this instrument.He played a local song then Advance Australia Fair and lastly Silent Night---magical.
He also did this piece of sand art whereby the sand was contained in a screen and he started to draw and he never took his finger off the drawing until it was finished--Inspirational.

We went to a village where these shop dummies were painted and embellished on the side of the path in front of a house.
In the same village was this concrete wall with these sculpted figures --so clever.

Tree roots on top of the ground--definitely some inspiration here.

Finally a totem pole in the same village--definitely some very talented people live here.


Heather said...

That musical instrument looks like some kind of harp. The artwork is wonderful and cheering. The local people must enjoy making their lives so colourful. We'd probably need planning permission to decorate out walls like that!

Maggi said...

Beautiful art work.

Suztats said...

Wonderful pics. I've been enjoying your holiday.