Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lifou New Caledonia

Here are some photos from our first stop in Lifou-- New Caldonia---
Looking back from the Island to the ship the Dawn Princess with a tender going back to get more people.

A road on the Island-----

The Catholic Church----

Here is the Catholic school---

A traditional meeting house---

Preparing a meal wrapped in leaves and cooked in the ground---

Chopping up coconut---
Dishing out the meal ---
All set to go--there was chicken-bananas-yams-sweet potato-pawpaw-and mango---

Ready to taste---
More to follow


Heather said...

Fascinating photos Doreen - so different from anywhere I have ever been - I love the Meeting House. Great to see local dishes being prepared and then to be able to taste them.

Janet said...

This looks like an interesting place and not so touristy yet. I love the photos, especially the last one!! The food sounds good and you seem to be enjoying it.