Friday, December 16, 2011

Eating on the Cruise

I thought that I would show you a sample of what I was eating while on the cruise.
Mind you this was not every day but on the occasions that we ate at the Steakhouse.
First there was the Entree--shrimps ------delicious.

I was supposed to be eating a steak but they were such huge pieces I decided to opt out and have the salmon----yummo.
I was so rapt when it came out surrounded with all these veges-- if you have ever been on a cruise you will know that the food is very rich and fresh veges are not over-abundent.
In fact-------

I even surprised myself because I couldn't eat it all.

I did order desert--a Creme Brulee--but I ended up taking it back to my cabin to eat later.

And here is a photo of my daily breakfast--note the prunes--a must when I am on holidays.
I also had a piece of toasted brown bread and a cup of tea.

We had some fabulous meals while cruising and their was only one downside to it all-----

I have to do the cooking at home :((


Heather said...

Those meals look very good Doreen. I don't mind cooking and quite enjoy it although it's lovely to be waited on and not have to think about meals all the time.

Janet said...

Having all my meals prepared by someone else would be truly heaven! But I love my veggies so on a cruise I might be in trouble. Although I could just make up for the lack of veggies by eating more dessert! Now that's my kind of meal!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks good! Eating and stitching...what more could a gal want?

Kris said...

You made me hungry ;)