Monday, December 19, 2011

Dravuni Island Fiji

Dravuni Island is a small island in Fiji with less than 200 people living on it and it is not even 1 square Kilometre in area.There is only one TV on the island and everyone gathers around to watch it.
It was 7.30am and we got on the tender and headed off to the island.
The sign said we could walk across it in 20 minute.
Well I was up to that so off we went----

On the way we passed this house with these quaint water tanks outside.

We came to the fork in the road and we kept walking---

We could see the ship over the top of the trees----

Now I was getting very hot as my face will tell you (and it was only 8am) when it dawned on me that we had taken the wrong turn--I was so busy taking photos that I hadn't noticed.

We should have been going across the island (and been on the other side by this time).

We should not still have the sea to our right hand side----and we were heading up this big hill--

well there were two hills and we were half way up the smaller of them.

We looked up and there were these people on the skyline of the bigger hill almost to the top---

I looked at Stephen and said "If you think I am going up there then you are stupid" to which he replied"And if you think I am going up there then you are even stupider".

There were people coming down by this time and they said the view was fantastic(I thought it was fantastic from where I was already) and I told them that even if I was able to make it up there I wouldn't enjoy the view because I would be having a heart attack.
So we headed back down the hill which was even harder than going up and when we got to the beach we found a fallen tree trunk in the shade and sat down and recouperated.

We later rolled up our trousers and went paddling in the ocean----ahh Heaven.
The beaches were spectacular and I could almost feel like I was in Paradise.

We boarded the tender and headed back to the ship and it was still only 9.30am.

I looked back and there were the hills laughing at me(I could hear them-really) and then I saw that there were even more hills.
If you click on the photo you will see the smaller hill in the front of the darker green hill which was my undoing.

Do I look stuffed-my top was saturated-my hat had enough moisture to save me from dehydration-and the shower was a welcoming sight.

Noumea is next.


Fran├žoise said...

I'm enjoying the trip! I don't think I will ever visit that part of the world.
Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

What an experience Doreen... the beach does look amazing though... love all the photos...

Jenny x

Jenxo said...

loving the photos Doreen...

Aussie Jo said...

I'm enjoying your cruising stories Doreen, sounds like you had a fantastic time.

I did a similar trip in 1981, when I was young and single!!!

Love your embroidered brooches too.

Happy xmas.