Monday, December 19, 2011

Savu Savu--the journey continues

We had to go the the island of Savu Savu by tender(life boat) because the ship was too big to get into the port.When we reached the jetty we then boarded a bus which did not have any windows so to speak--well it had windows but no glass in them.
There were two tour groups on the tender and we were the first group assembled but the second group shoved past us to get on the "proper" bus first which as it turned out didn't have any air-conditioning and they almost stifled on it.
We had this "fully airconditioned" bus and the breeze was perfect.

As I sat on the bust waiting to pull out the traffic had built up a bit--would this be called a traffic jam?
Diving up to the village I noticed most of the houses were built on stilts-I suppose this helps to keep them cooler.

On arriving at our destination we were greeted by the villagers singing us a welcome song and we each received a lei.

I photographed one of the ladies after asking her permission first-I loved her outfit so elegant.

A photo looking out to the sea--does this say South Pacific or what?

We went into the Kindergarten class room and I saw this notice on the wall--they are very religious in thePacific due the the early missionaries that settled there.

The ladies danced for us-----

And the men as well.

And a young lad shimmied up a tree to show us how to get the coconuts.

When we arrived back at the Jetty for our return trip I noticed this sign on the side of the road
--and people took notice of it as well.

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Maggi said...

Glad the rude group got their come-uppance. What beautiful clothes the women wear. I bet there were plenty who did not ask permission to take photos - well done you.