Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's that time of the year again

Tonight we put up our Christmas tree and all the decorations.
Now you have to understand the tradition that goes on here--you see we have had this tree for 46 years -we got it when we first were married and it has been there every year but one -when we thought we would have a real tree-but that only happened once because it gave both my husband and son hay fever.
My family call the tree "Annorexia" because it looks half starved before you decorate it-at the time when we brought it they were all like this.
If you click on the picture you will be able to see the skinny branches but once we laden it down with all the tinsel and baubles it looks much better.
Here is a photo of Ebony putting the final touches onto it.

So here we go with what has to go onto this tree- as well as the lights and tinsel---there is a box of baubles

Then there are the golden musical instruments we brought in Singapore about 13 years ago--can't leave them off can we.

Oh and there are these plastic bells--there were 12 of them 46 years ago but alas only 4 have survived all the house moving(6 times) that has gone on since they first adorned this magnificent tree.

But wait there's more---some hand made felt decorations that I made 30 years ago--they have to go on the tree because Ebony loves them..

Next we have Santas---These don't go on the tree but they sit under the tree and are scattered around the room-------there are 4 more small ones that do hang on the tree and if you look hard enough you will see one near the bottom of Ebony's shirt--oh and please excuse her dirty school shirt-guess who has to wash it.

Now we have Angels --only one can sit on the top of the tree and it has to be the one in the top left hand corner because it's the only one that will fit properly-how many Angels does one tree need--all of them of course because they get scattered around on and under the tree.

And what about this snowman --he is made from wadding and he has a tin underneath to support him-my sister made him for me over twenty years ago --how sick is that--we don't even have snow here at Christmas.

You really have to be crazy to go through this ritual every year but my family expect to see "Annorexia" in all her finery when they come for dinner on Christmas Day.
Does anyone else out in blogland hoard there Christmas stuff like me?
I doubt it.


Jacquelines blog said...

What a lovely story Doreen!

Hilary Metcalf said...

Of course!! Our tree goes up this weekend - a family tradition from long ago when I was a little girl (and that was LONG ago), the tree always goes up onthe weekend before my birthday. I'll take photos tomorrow and post them on my blog - some of my decorations aren't as old as yours Doreen - but OTOH - I am not as old as you either!!!!

Lise said...

Yes, of course!!Our tree won't be decorated until the 23rd, and I think it must be the only Norwegian tree decorated with a kangaroo, a platypus with Santa's hat,a plastic fantastic Santa from San Francisco, an Mexican angel and lot of other crazy stuff...

sharon young said...

Hi Doreen
What a lovely sense of tradition, and I do remember when artificial( please excuse my rudeness) trees all looked like yours.
I'm afraid I'm much too seduced by all the lovely modern trinkets to have anything that's much more than a few years old, but then we have had a tradition of breakages over the years with four children and lots of g-chlidren, that coupled with my OH's obsession for having the biggest tree he can get in the house!
Thanks for dropping by by blog.

Helen Suzanne said...

what a lot of decorations from over the years. Ebony looks like she's so enjoying the tree. It was my favourite time too as we always put it up on my birthday and I got the job of hanging everything after Dad attached the lights... almost too much to bear all that waiting.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hah, you're not alone with the hoarding Doreen! This year we trucked at least five boxes of excess ornaments/decorations to the thrift store (don't remember how many we took last year) AND could still take as many more and not likely miss any of it!!

Fran├žoise said...

Of course I have kept lots of tree decorations and Nativity scenes that my children made when they were younger. And then the decorations I made.
But I won't decorate the house before at least one more week. Otherwise I get tired of it before Christmas!

katelnorth said...

Wait until you see my tree, Doreen - I have lots more ornaments than you...

Julie H said...

The tradition is beautiful! And your ornaments are all lovely.
We have (at Mum's) a cotton ball Easter Rabbit my 34 year old brother made in kindy - and it has to go on the tree every year!! Why? We have forgotten, we just know it ahs to be there.

Penny said...

Of course we do you should see my tree (and it is the one we had when we were first married nearly 50 years ago too,) but also all the Christmas cloth dolls come out then too, but not until next week. Oh and a special few and two small trees go over to kangaroo island with us for Christmas as well.

Dot said...

What a lovely post Doreen! I love all of your traditions and think it would be great fun at your house when you put up the decorations.

I admit I laughed out loud at your nickname for your Christmas tree. You have the best sense of humour.

I don't get into decorating very much at Christmas but love watching everyone else get into it!

Ebony looks very pleased with herself :)

Homeleightigger said...

Lovely Post Doreen - great to see you are a Horder too! What a lovely expression on Ebony's face - full of wonder and expectation! Val

Dianne said...

Oh look at all those goodies!! Yes, I'm a bit of a hoarder too.