Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Mail

I received this beautiful Christmas card from Anna yesterday and it was a real surprise.
I love the way she has constructed the tree and if you click to enlarge it you will see how it was made.
I love it Anna.

More lovely things in the mail--well most of them anyway.

The first photo is of two Christmas tree ornaments that I received from a friend at the Embroiderers Guild.

Aren't they beautiful-they are made of silk and have gold stitching on them.

Next is an ACT from Bina who comes from Israel--this is a needlefelted Atc and she also included some of her hand woven wools.
Very nice Bina.

Lastly another Christmas swap this time with with Annica and this has a needlefelted background and a paper Christmas tree I am amazed at the great ideas that Annica comes up with.

This is beautiful Annica,


Gunnels blog said...

so many lovely cards you`ve got, Doreen!

Micki said...

Wonderful mail again, Doreen.
Bina does have a blog--it is here

Annica said...

Glad you like the card I made for you Doreen! Anna and I seem to have choosen the same theme. :-) I really love her tree!

Janet said...

You certainly received some beautiful gifts. I love the trees.