Monday, December 3, 2007

Church Banners

Back in April I posted this photo of my friend Dimity and I in front of the Church banner that we had made.
The central blue panel is a permanent feature but the two end panels are changed at the beginning of each Liturgical season.
Last Sunday was the first Sunday in Advent so the purple panels were hung for the first time since we completed the whole Banner.
I am now able to post photos of all 4 colours at last--I have been waiting for the last one to be hung so that I could take a photo.
If you wish to know the symbol of the magpie and spiral leaves click on the link to April

I must say my favouroute is the purple one but then I am partial to purple.

Sorry about the flash off the cross but it was late evening when I took the photo.
For some reason in the last two postings when I click on the photos a box pops up asking me do I want to open the file or save it etc.etc.I don't know why this is happening and I'm not sure if it happens when you click on the photos either.
If anyone has an answer to my problem I would sure love to know what to do.


Sandy said...

Nice banners. They must really be enjoyed by the congregation. Sandy

Annica said...

So nice to see all these pics of your Church banner. It's very beautiful! I think the orange on is my favourite. I think it goes very well with the blue.

Janet said...

So pretty, and you know I'm also partial to the purple ones!

The same thing has been happening to me with my pictures. I think it may be some new feature of bloggers....but I don't like it!!

Susan D said...

I like all the colours of your banners.

I thought it was because I use Firefox to surf and it was updated the other day, but I don't like it either if it's a new feature of blogger.

Susan D said...

Just looked up Blogger Help group it is a known problem that they are looking into.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Absolutely breathtaking Doreen! I too love the purple, but that's because my two favourite colours are blue and purple. Oh...and a magpie too. What's not to like?

Micki said...

Beautiful banner in all four colors. Wonderful work. I've had the same thing happening with the photos.

Purple Missus said...

I've had the same thing happening too Doreen - thought it was something I had done :)
These banners are all beautiful but I think my favourite must be the second one down. Do you have plans for another big project such as this?

katelnorth said...

What a great idea to have banners which can have bits swapped out for the liturgical seasons. I like the purple best too, I think. Though the orange is nice as well.

Dot said...

The banners are beautiful Doreen. They add such a special touch to your church.