Thursday, December 6, 2007

Postcards and a pressie

Yesterday I received this postcard from Val in a Christmas swap that we had-It is wonderful as it has a wintery theme like a white christmas.
We don't have white Christmas's here in OZ we have stinking hot weather and we sit inside with the air conditioner roaring trying to cool us down.
Thank you Val it is a beautiful card.
Today I received this beautiful postcard from Dianne- the photo doesn't do it justice but you can trust me it is wonderful.

And also in the packet was this wool felted mobile phone pouch--how did she know what size to make as it fits my phone perfectly.
Thank you Dianne you are a star.


Penny said...

I love seeing what you get in the mail.

Dot said...

You get such beautiful mail Doreen!

The postcard from Val is gorgeous. And I love the one from Dianne. I just received one from her too and a lovely felted mobile pouch too (we are twins he heh).

Isn't creative mail the best???

Dianne said...

My pleasure Doreen!!!!!