Saturday, July 31, 2010

TAST 2 Week 22 Triple Chain Stitch

Well I have done it-in time-but not very well.
I had trouble getting the stitches even and I am not sure why except maybe I was having tension troubles.The little stitches at the side are all different-some fat-some thin--who knows what happened.
I do know that when I have to change directions with the fabric I have difficulty keeping things neat and tidy.
I will have to work on this a bit more but at a later date which probably means never :-))

We are half way through this years challenge and I often wonder where Sharon finds all these different stitches but then if you saw how many reference books on embroidery stitches that she has we could probably keep going for years and not do the same stitch twice.


Sue McB said...

Looks fine Doreen - just add it to the repertoire and file away for future use!

Aussie Jo said...

I can see that stitch being handy for reflections of foliage in water.
And anyway, perfection is a sin!!!! (and so tiring)

Heather said...

Another lovely stitch for your collection Doreen. It has many possibilities and would look good threaded with fine ribbon or whipped with a contrasting thread as well as being used just as an embroidery stitch.