Friday, July 2, 2010

Journal signatures

Here is the front cover page of one of the signatures for my journal that I am doing with Kiwi Carole.
Sorry about the photos but it came over very dismal outside while I was taking the photos and this is the best that I could do.

And the back cover-----part of a serviette

The first two pages -the rose is from a serviette and the words are the title of the book that I am using to form the outside cover.
The next two pages---some words from the book and a card that was given to me.

Next shows the inside of the card where the writing has been covered up with fabric and lace.

Next--the back of the card where I have added another serviette.
On the right a tag covered with yet another serviette plus more words from the original book.

Here on the left is a piece of torn up doiley and on the right the rose and wine glasses are from still another serviette plus a print on fabric that MA gave me several years ago.

I have left spaces to do the hand written stuff --maybe.
The pages aren't sewn together yet--we still haven't been shown that.
There are two other signatures and I will show you later if I ever warm up that is.
It is so cold here in Canberra today--- I am sure it will snow overnight which would be a surprise because we don't get snow very often.
I wish the colours were better because they really do look a lot better than this.


Ati. said...

Doreen aren't we brave, don't cut the threads off ;) I had to enlarge all the photos to have a good look. Your pages are great!! Special the first page, Love it !!Love the roses too.

Jenxo said...

its so lovely Doreen, i so wished i couldve done this class, im enjoying your pics...

kiwicarole said...

What a good student you are!! x

Penny said...

You have been having fun, and using up those paper napkins!
Cold here too but I have been watching your temps and you have been cold, except possibly from all the hot air the politicians have been making!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Lovey little vignettes Looks like you've had fun in the class.
Stay warm...
PS...I still think the stitch looks like dandelion seed heads!

Val said...

Doreen, tis absolutely gorgeous. You certainly have cracked this black thread sewing on delicate cream laces etc. The black picks up the writing beautifully, so it all goes well together. Hope you warm up a bit soon - we have had a heatwave here!

Sandy said...

It's a wonderful journal. Who knew napkins would be such a great art supply?

Nancy said...

You have a great assortment of paper, fabric, and lace and have put them to beautiful use here.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm totally in awe Doreen! I'm loving your book. You have done a beautiful job. I had to look twice to figure out what I'd sent you. Glad you found a use for it!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

ooo you have been busy Doreen ... wonderful wonderful pages in all of your journal posts above too!

Dee Light Full!!!
you have inspired me to dig deeper in my napkin bin :)

margaret said...

beautiful journal pages, so pretty! Margaret

purplepaint said...

Doreen your pages are absolutely fabulous!!!